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Makeup Tutorials

How to use your LiveGlam goodies!

Makeup Tutorials

Cinco de Mayo Makeup Looks

Ready to bring your glam on this Cinco de Mayo? Whether you’re attending a festive parade or happy hour with your gals, these looks will get the celebration started! Mexican Flag Eyeshadow & Gloss   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Keosha Nikkya (@keoshanikkya) Before you […]


Makeup Tutorials

TikTok Makeup Hacks You Must Try!

Let’s be honest, some TikTok hacks are downright ridiculous, surely made to get a good rally going in the comments. However, some hacks are truly ingenious, saving time and maximising beauty. These are our favorite TikTok makeup hacks you must try! Lipstick blush @cydneerae trying out the blush hack #blushhack […]

tiktok makeup hacks you need to try

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Best Spring Makeup Looks You’ll Want to Try This Season

We think it’s a universal fact that spring is one of the very best times of year. It’s fresher, brighter, more colorful, more hopeful! Embrace the joy and reflect it in your makeup looks. Hey, this could be the year you become best friends with pastels or finally discover that […]

spring makeup looks to try this year

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Date Night Makeup Looks To Try

Ah, “date night”, a phrase with many possibilities. It could be a much-deserved night out with a spouse after a particularly busy phase with jobs, kids, and adult life. It could be a heart-fluttering third or fourth date with someone who looks curiously like your future forever dude. Or, it […]

Date Night Makeup Looks To Try

Makeup Tutorials

4 Champagne Makeup Looks To Try

The gorgeous He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not palette is inspiring me to experiment with champagne makeup looks with the shades Golden Hour, Glow+Grow, and Blossom (sparkling rose). These looks are stunning on all skin tones and can be whipped up in mere minutes for any occasion. Pop the […]

Champagne Makeup Looks To Try

Makeup Tutorials

Last Minute Christmas Party Makeup Idea

So, it’s Saturday night. You decided you are not going to one of the many Christmas parties…you just can’t be bothered.  However, your friend is begging you to go, and you feel guilty. Plus, the lure of bespoke Christmas cocktails is really swaying you. Fine, you’ll go.  There’s only ten […]


Makeup Tutorials

Simple Bridal Makeup Look Tutorial

Bridal makeup shouldn’t be complex or scary (the big day is daunting enough!). In fact, it should be a calming and exciting part of the day whether you’re going DIY or having a pro paint your face. If you’re doing your own wedding makeup or have been asked to do […]


Makeup, Makeup Tutorials

Best Pink Eyeshadow Looks To Try

Best Pink Eyeshadow Looks To Try If there’s a color that comes to mind during the springtime, it’s definitely pink! With Spring in full effect, what better way to celebrate the season than with the best pink eyeshadow looks to try?! The pink eyeshadow trend is here to stay and […]

Best Pink Eyeshadow Looks to Try

Lip Products, Makeup Tutorials

How to Sharpen a Lip Liner

How to Sharpen a Lip Liner We’ve all been through the heartbreak of sharpening our favorite lip liner and having it break, little by little, until you’re left with the teeniest amount of product! Although it may seem pretty straightforward, knowing how to sharpen a lip liner properly will save […]

how to sharpen lip liners

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How to Do a Neutral Eyeshadow Look

No matter how much we love to slay a dramatic look, sometimes we’re in a nude mood and crave a simple, neutral glam! Don’t know how to do a neutral eyeshadow look? We got you covered with tips and our stunning, nude & neutral eyeshadow palette, Birthday Suit (with 5 […]


Beauty Hacks, Eyes, Makeup Tutorials

How to Apply Eyeshadow to Hooded Eyes

If there’s one thing we can all agree on in the beauty community (besides our intense love for makeup), it’s how challenging it can be when it comes to applying makeup for your particular eye shape especially when it comes to hooded eyes! Some of us were blessed with them […]

tips for applying eyeshadow to hooded eyes

Eyeshadow Products, Makeup Tutorials

Monochromatic Red Smokey Eye Tutorial

Red Monochromatic Smokey Eye Tutorial Spooky season is officially over, so that means Holiday season is otw… and fast! What better way to prepare for the upcoming festivities than with a stunning monochromatic red smokey eye makeup tutorial?! Keep reading for some major holiday inspo using our newest Bonus LiveGlam […]

Lip Products, Lips, Makeup Tutorials

How to Create Ombre Lips

How to Create Ombre Lips When you’re stuck trying to decide between your 2 fave KissMe lippies, 2 is always better than one! Get the best of both worlds (instead of making that tough decision) when you know how to create an ombre lip look! Unlike creating a good ombre […]


Lips, Makeup Tutorials, Skincare

How to Use a Lip Scrub Before Applying Lipstick

How to Use a Lip Scrub Before Applying Lipstick We all know that in order to achieve a flawless makeup base we have to take the proper steps like exfoliating and moisturizing and all that good stuff, but have you thought about doing the same with your lips? Learning how […]

Beauty Hacks, Makeup Tutorials, Trending

6 Beauty Tips We’ve Learned from Rihanna’s Makeup Tutorial

Singer, makeup mogul, fashion designer, actress, and all around icon, Rihanna hit us with a going out makeup tutorial where she contoured, highlighted, and blended to the Gods! This 10 minute GRWM is everything you would wish from Bad Gal RiRi and more– from tweet-able moments, to using concealer to […]


Eyeshadow Products, Lip Products, Lips, Makeup Tutorials

6 Summer Eyeshadow and Lipstick Combinations You Must Try

Figuring out which bikini to throw into your cute straw tote should be the only hard decision you have to make in the summer (summer beauty essentials? check!), but with so many new summer makeup collections hitting the market, your makeup decision process might get a lil’ on the tough […]

summer eyeshadow and lipstick combinations

Eyeshadow Products, Makeup Tutorials

LiveGlam Flocking Fabulous Palette Tutorials

LiveGlam Flocking Fabulous Eyeshadow Palette Tutorials So you finally have your “Flocking Fabulous” palette (our bonus LiveGlam ShadowMe palette) and you’re ready to tropic like it’s hot with a scorching hot makeup look… but you don’t know where to start (been there, done that). Finding yourself in a creative rut? […]

flocking fabulous eyeshadow tutorial

Beauty Hacks, Makeup Tutorials, Trending

How to Prevent Your Makeup from Melting in the Summer

How to Prevent Your Makeup from Melting in the Summer Summer vacays and makeup meltdowns go hand in hand – we don’t know about you but makeup melting in our mojito is not in our vacay itinerary. It can be challenging to know how to prevent makeup from melting in […]

summer makeup tips

Beauty Hacks, Lips, Makeup Tutorials

How to Apply Flawless Red Lipstick

Steps For Applying Flawless Red Lipstick Nothing screams icon, like a signature red lipstick – not only is it always in vogue, but it always gives your makeup look a pump and an instant feel of sexiness and power. How to apply lipstick is a question we’ve asked ourselves at […]

How to apply red lipstick

Makeup, Makeup Tutorials

How to Do a 1960’s Makeup Look

How to Do a 1960’s Makeup Look One of the things we love about makeup is that it’s always changing but it keeps the same thread running through it: fun, beauty, expression and color. We love to look back at past decades and pore over the makeup looks which dominated […]

1960s makeup how-to

Brush Products, Makeup Tutorials

Beat Your Face in Under 30 min with July MorpheMe! No Waitlist Now!!!

Summertime is all sun, sweat, and sangria! We don’t always have time to beat a full face and you sometimes just don’t need that excess makeup weighing you down in the heat! Luckily, we’re also loving the “less is more” trend that we’ve seen popping up with beautiful natural glams […]


Makeup, Makeup Tutorials

Create Your Own DIY Liner with 2 Ingredients!

Looking to freshen’ up your style? Have some funky fun with your makeup and try some DIY eyeliner! This is my favorite way to add a pop of color to any look. And if you can’t find the perfect liner color, then you can make your own! It’s super easy […]


Makeup Tutorials

Glam Up Your Mani in 30 Minutes or Less!

There’s few things quite as sweet and satisfying as a fresh mani! Getting your nails done can have you looking and feeling like a million bucks in 60 minutes or less. If you’re a colorful indecisive being like myself, tho, sticking with the same look for 2+ weeks can be […]


Makeup, Makeup Tutorials

Our Top 5 Makeup YouTube Channels!

Welcome to the modern era of information where you can learn to do anything online- from ordaining a marriage to fleeking your brows. If you’re a makeup newb and find yourself drooling over cat-eyes and smoked out wings, then you need to enroll in a lil YTU! YouTube University can […]


Lip Products, Lips, Makeup Tutorials

The Best Ways to Remove Liquid Lipstick!  

Everyone loves a long-lasting lipstick, and nothing compares to our LiveGlam lippie formulas! Not only are they lightweight, flexible, and delicious-smelling, but they also don’t budge and last a super long time! But, with all that lasting power, you can’t just easily swipe it off. So, here are the best […]

removing liquid lipstick

Beauty Hacks, Makeup, Makeup Tutorials

Put Your Best Breast Forward with Body Contour

Ah, The age-old tradition of contouring. While this trend has only recently hit the mainstream beauty market in the past few years, contouring and body contour have been around since the beginning of film and photos. In 2017, we saw the craziest contouring trends of all including booty contouring, foot […]


Makeup, Makeup Tutorials, Trending

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you have hot plans with bae or are going to work (like most adults–it IS a Wednesday!) you can rock this super fun Valentine’s Day makeup anywhere! This look is perfect if you’re a die-hard romantic, love all things cute and fuzzy, […]


Haircare, Makeup Tutorials

DIY Winter Strength & Moisture Hair Mask!

Winter is a wonderful time of the year, full with holiday magic and cheer, with dry hair in the atmosphere! Warm cocoa and cool weather are winter classics! While the snow on the ground is beautiful and it feels like there’s magic in the air- the cool-dry conditions can leave […]


Lip Products, Makeup, Makeup Tutorials, Trending

Fall into these Runway Lip Trends!

We’re falling for these gorgeous lip trends! Inspired by the Fall/Winter runway collections, these lip styles will take your pout to a new level. Keep it classic with a dark vampy look, opt for a nude winter, or try some of the fun graphic makeup looks we’ve seen on the […]


Brush Products, Makeup Tutorials

Full Face with LiveGlam MorpheMe November Brushes

Fall in love with a fleek face! Add an Elite touch to your style with the November LiveGlam MorpheMe brushes! These 3 brushes are versatile enough to snatch your whole face. I used my November brushes from the Morphe Elite collection for a full face look! You can use all […]

MorpheMe Brushes for November 2017

Makeup, Makeup Tutorials

4 Last Minute Halloween Looks for the Procrastinators

Halloween seems to creep up on us every year. Before you know it, it’s October 30th and you’re panicking trying to figure out how you’re going to pull together a decent costume for that Halloween party tomorrow. We’ve all been there at least once, so today we’re giving you 4 […]


Brush Products, Lip Products, Makeup Tutorials

Halloween Eyeliner Looks for that Spooky Slay!

Halloween is coming and it’s time to get spooky! I’ve got some hauntingly cool eyeliner looks for you ghouls and glammers to try. If you’re feelin’ witchy or having a proceed with caution vibe, these liner styles will leave you screaming for more. 1. “Hands-Off” Spiky Liner When ya boo is […]


Lip Products, Makeup, Makeup Tutorials

Kissing up some Unicorn Brows!

It’s time to let your inner Unicorn shine! October is here and I seriously can’t think of a better opportunity to switch up your look and add some funk! If you’re looking for a quick way to add some color to your look, then try our hack for rainbow colored brows! […]

KissMe Brows

Brush Products, Makeup Tutorials

One Big Reason Your Makeup May Not Be Looking It’s Best

Has your makeup been off lately? Maybe it’s splotchy or uneven. If so, try to think back to the last time you thoroughly cleaned your makeup brushes… we’ll wait. We get it, sitting there cleaning your makeup brushes isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun. You probably tell yourself, “they don’t […]


Eyes, Makeup, Makeup Tutorials, Trending

Slay Like a NYFW Model

It’s that time of the year again! Just when we think New York Fashion Week is over, it pops right back up again. Seriously, how does time fly that fast between February and September? As always, NYFW provides some great inspiration for new makeup looks. While a lot of the […]


Lip Products, Makeup, Makeup Tutorials

June KissMe Color Combos to Try!

Have you been dreaming of June KissMe lippies? This set of bold and sexy colors will have your lips sweet-talking all month! If you just can’t get enough of your KissMe lippies, we’ve got a few ideas to mix things up for ya! A fun (and super simple!) way to […]


Makeup Tutorials, Trending

3 Hot Looks to try this Summer

The best thing about summer is- it’s full of fun events. And the best thing about LiveGlam is- we have a look ready for every occasion. Whether you’re a member of our clubs or just checking us out for the first time, get ready for any event with us! Here […]


Makeup Tutorials

Wire Nail Art- How to Get the Look

You’ve probably seen the wire manicure nails all over Instagram. We have to say, it’s pretty dope. Thanks to founder and nail queen, Eun Kyung Park at the Unisella salon in Seoul, South Korea for coming up with this awesome, funky nail idea. The new mani consists of placing thin […]


Eyes, Makeup Tutorials

Best Glitter Eyeliner Looks, Plus Top Tips and Vids Online

Some scenarios call for an all-natural makeup look. Others, like big events, bachelorette parties, New Year’s Eve, and Halloween costumes, call for glitter eyeliner looks. Many people would even wear this fun eye art to the supermarket! There’s no doubt that these sparkly beauty looks are bold, but when they’re […]


Makeup Tutorials

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish – Top Tips

We love a good gel manicure, and we’re sure you do, too. Unfortunately, getting a gorgeous gel manicure also means making an extra trip to the salon to get the polish removed. Being busy gals ourselves, we don’t always have time to run to our favorite nail place just to […]

how to remove gel nail polish LiveGlam

DIY, Makeup Tutorials

The Art of Ombre Nails – Top Designs from Around the Web

Ombre is one of our absolute favorite beauty trends. For the past few years, this trend has been influencing celebrity hairstyles and making an appearance on runways, and now it’s been showing up in nail salons all across the world. It’s a subtle trend with a diverse range of options […]

ombre nails LiveGlam

Beauty Hacks, DIY, Makeup Tutorials

How To Fake Your Own Nail Art Pen – DIY Tutorial

We love nail art. It’s the perfect way to show off your totally unique, creative flair in an amazingly beautiful manicure. The best part is, most nail art is incredibly easy to do at home – no salon needed! We’ve already shown you how you can create your own magazine […]

Beauty Hacks, Haircare, Makeup Tutorials

Easy Hairstyles To Look Your Best On Every Occasion

Need a few easy hairstyles that take next to no effort to throw together? If you need quick hairstyling tips and tricks that’ll help you make amazing first impressions at your next big event, we’ve got just the thing.   1. The Timeless Ponytail In terms of easy hairstyles, you […]

DIY, Makeup Tutorials

Magazine Nail Art How To – Tutorial and Tips

Have you been loving the recent nail trend on magazine nail art? It’s an amazing way to show of your own individual personality while making sure that no one else has the exact look as you! If you’ve been wondering how you can achieve this unique, beautiful look on your […]

Makeup, Makeup Tutorials

Top Makeup Hacks For The Professional Beauty Artist

Have you been struggling lately to find the top makeup hacks that’ll help you achieve professional beauty looks without wasting hours in front of the mirror? If you’re anything like us, you love makeup more than life, but totally dislike how long many of your favorite looks take to achieve. […]

Makeup, Makeup Tutorials

“It’s October Third”

On October 3rd, he asked me what day it is. “It’s October 3rd.” AKA National Mean Girls Day!! In honor of one the greatest movies OF ALL TIME we’re gonna treat you with some super Fetch makeup, and a little breakdown on how to become a Plastic yourself! (Halloween, anyone?) […]

National Mean Girl's Day LiveGlam

Makeup, Makeup Tutorials

Eyeliner Techniques: 10 Top Ways To Make You A Morning MakeUp Pro

Eyeliner Techniques – Okay, we’ve all been there. Your alarm goes off, you press snooze a few times, and before you know it you are on a timed manhunt for your keys, your pants, and your dignity. While digging through the pile of mess on the floor to claim your […]

Makeup Tutorials

Out of this World Nail Art Tutorial

We’ve got an out of this world nail tutorial for you! Galaxy nails are a great way to add some fun to your fingers. They’re a simple DIY design, whether you’re a beginner or pro. Because you don’t have to be too exact when painting, you even get your non-dominant […]

nail art tutorial LiveGlam

Makeup, Makeup Tutorials

An Ode to our 4 Favorite Summer Trends

Well, guys, fall is just around the corner! Before we change gears and bust out all of our favorite berry tones, we gotta give one last ode to some of our favorite summer trends. Now we’re not saying you can’t rock fake freckles, colored lashes, lip oils, or dewy skin […]

favorite summer trends LiveGlam

Makeup Tutorials

Savoring the Last Drops of Summer with Rainbow Freckles

Labor day has come and gone, and the end of summer is soon approaching! While we hate to see Summer go, we definitely don’t mind jumping into Fall! In ceremonious honor of this transition, we’re bringing you this fun look to savor the last drops of summer. This look is […]

rainbow freckles LiveGlam


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