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Easy Festival Makeup Looks You’ll Want To Recreate

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Easy Festival Makeup Looks You’ll Want To Recreate

Posted by LiveGlam on May 23, 2022

Hands up if one of your top two favorite things about festivals is the fashion and makeup. Same! Second to music (and caravan food), we love getting creative with our makeup before heading to the fest. To be honest, though, we don’t have the time or patience to do an overly complicated look. We’re all about the quick and easy! 

Here are our favorite easy festival makeup looks to try. 

Glitter Tears

This look is so easy yet so effective. Glittery tears sparkle from sunlight to moonlight as you get up to festival mischief. Just be careful when using glitter around the eyes as it can get a little scratchy. The great part about this look is that the glitter sits on the cheek so it won’t fall down into your eye. 

Use any color glitter you like! Glitter suspended in gel is ideal for this, but you can also use loose glitter. 

  • Apply your SPF sunscreen and your go-to base
  • Apply a thin layer of glitter glue or face balm in a triangle shape under the eye toward the cheek
  • Use your finger to tap loose glitter onto the glue or balm until you achieve the desired effect 
  • Add mascara 
  • Apply your SPF lip balm and any color lippie you like 

Watercolor Pastel Eyes

Festival looks don’t always need to be packed with glitter and stick-on jewels. You can create a stunning look with matte shadows and a fluffy brush. 

  • Apply your SPF sunscreen and your go-to base
  • Lay down a long-wear concealer or eyeshadow base over the entire lid
  • Pat a pastel eyeshadow onto the inner corner of the lid with a fluffy brush
  • Pat a new pastel color into the center of the lid with the same brush (clean it off first)
  • Pat a third pastel color onto the outer corner of the lid so the entire lid is now covered in pastel shades
  • If you like, you could add a fourth shade just under the inner end of the eyebrow, next to the bridge of the nose
  • Use a clean, fluffy brush to make sure the shades are softly blended together
  • Add waterproof mascara
  • A draped, watercolor-inspired blush goes well with this look! Buff a matte pink, peach, or coral blush onto the top of the cheeks and up toward the temple

P.S our go-to palette for this look is You’re a Gem!

Glittery Cheek Stars

Can’t be bothered doing a whole look? I feel that! A great way to get into the festival spirit with minimal effort is by popping a glittery star (or heart, or flower, or anything you wish) onto the cheek. This way, you can do your go-to daily look (or no makeup at all) and only pack your bare basics makeup “wardrobe” for the trip. 

  • Apply your go-to makeup look. Don’t forget SPF!
  • Take glitter glue on a small eyeshadow or lip brush and draw a star (or your desired shape) onto your cheek
  • Take glitter or shimmer shadow on a small brush (you can use the same brush as you used for the glue) and tap over the glue 
  • Repeat until you have an opaque layer of glitz
  • Use a q-tip to tidy the edges
  • You can also make a stencil using paper and scissors. Draw your desired shape and cut it out of paper 
  • Lay the paper onto your face and fill in the cut-out shape with glue followed by glitz 

We love to use the glittery shadow called Opal in the You’re a Gem palette for this look. 




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