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How to Do a Neutral Eyeshadow Look

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How to Do a Neutral Eyeshadow Look

Posted by Ana Delgadillo on Mar 27, 2020

No matter how much we love to slay a dramatic look, sometimes we’re in a nude mood and crave a simple, neutral glam! Don’t know how to do a neutral eyeshadow look? We got you covered with tips and our stunning, nude & neutral eyeshadow palette, Birthday Suit (with 5 creamy mattes and 4 sparkling shimmers). Follow these steps to blend up the cutest neutral makeup look!

How to Create Neutral Eyeshadow Looks

If you find yourself asking, “What are neutral eyeshadow colors?”, or how the heck to perfect neutral eye makeup, you’re in the right place! Here’s everything you need to know to create a soft and snatch-ural makeup look. Stun the crowd with a stunning neutral eyeshadow look whether you have brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, or hazel eyes!

how to create a nude eye look


Before any look, it’s important to start with a primed and even base. This is key because you want your hard work to stay put, you don’t want to blend your heart away just for your eyeshadows to crease! Grab your fave primer and pat it all over your lid area and wait until it gets a little tacky so your eyeshadows adhere.

how do you do a neutral looking eyeshadow

Work from Light Shades to Dark Shades

When it comes to soft glam eye makeup it’s important to build color up slowly to avoid any harshness. We’re aiming for a seamless blend, sis!

  1. Start with a light matte cream shade “Au Natural” all over your lid.
  2. Add “Nude” to your crease, outer corner, & lower lash line. Make sure you blend this to perfection!
  3. Focus “Undressed” on your lid, lower lash line and outer corner for more depth and dimension.
  4. Use a concealer to clean up any areas around your eyes.
  5. No look is complete without a pop of shimmer. Add “Lingerie” to your inner corner for a little razzle-dazzle!
  6. Pop on some lashes and mascara and you’re ready to slay the day away.

Neutral Eyeshadow Tutorial

Neutral eye makeup step by step tutorial:

Now that you know how to make a neutral eyeshadow look, it’s time to get your hands on the shades to create this sultry look! Sign up to our LiveGlam Eyeshadow Subscription Club, ShadowMe, to get our brand new Birthday Suit palette! You won’t resist these incredibly smooth mattes and dazzling shimmers wrapped in velvety packaging.

As a member of ShadowMe, you’ll receive a new eyeshadow palette every other month for just $19.99! We promise you’ll be obsessed with the formula, blendability and pigment of each and every single one of our cruelty-free shadows.

Join ShadowMe Here!

Will you be whipping up a neutral glam masterpiece? Let us know in the comments!

Stay Glam!


Ana Delgadillo

Ana Delgadillo

Ana is a Los Angeles based beauty blogger and influencer with a passion for everything that makes you feel beautiful. When she's not creating new makeup looks or tips for her followers, she's most likely journaling or lifting some weights at the gym.

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