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tiktok makeup hacks you need to try

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TikTok Makeup Hacks You Must Try!

Posted by LiveGlam on Apr 01, 2022

Let’s be honest, some TikTok hacks are downright ridiculous, surely made to get a good rally going in the comments. However, some hacks are truly ingenious, saving time and maximising beauty.

These are our favorite TikTok makeup hacks you must try!

Lipstick blush

@cydneerae trying out the blush hack #blushhack ♬ original sound – Blue Nightmare

We’ve always been a fan of using lipstick as blush, but cydneerae has taken it to the next level. Take a red lipstick, place a generous application over the cheeks, and blend with a fluffy brush or sponge.

Apply your foundation (best with a sheer or medium coverage) over the top. Voila, blushed cheeks that look as though they’re glowing from within. You can step it up by adding a little to the forehead, temples, and across the nose for a cohesive sun-kissed blush.

Soap brows

@marlacatheriine soap brows are the key to ultimate thiccness #soapbrows #eyebrows #fyp #foryou ♬ Phone Call – Washed Out

You’re probably well aware of this OG trend, used long before TikTok was a twinkle in the internet’s eye. However, soap brows really are a winner (and a cheap one at that)!

A clear, glycerin-based soap (not the creamy milk-based variety) has the perfect consistency to hold your brows tight all day long.

Grab a clean spoolie, wet it, and scrub it onto a bar of Pears soap (or any clear bar soap). Brush the spoolie through your brows to get your desired shape and direction of the brow hairs. Done! Your brows seriously won’t budge until you wash them.

Tip: don’t load the spoolie with too much soap or you risk a white, chalky residue forming on your brows.

Better blush placement

@helinndoski Cream base dos and donts ✅ #makeup #fyp #facelift #badboy ♬ original sound – Helin

Blush placement is personal as every face is different. But, by placing your cheek color higher on the cheekbone you can create a sculpted, more lifted face. This is a far-cry from the “smile and pop it on the apples” technique we’ve all been accustomed to take as gospel. Blush placed nearer to the eye and up into the temples is fresh, editorial, and rather chic as the TikTok beauty gurus demonstrate.

Minimize your mascara

@sarajadeee If you don’t do your mascara like this you’ve been doing it wrong 🤞🏽 #makeuptipstiktok #mascarahack #foryou #viral #fyp #liebezeigen ♬ Brent Faiyaz – "dead man walking" – Alpha House

In a world where gigantic falsies took pride of place for a good few years, minimal lashes are a welcome change. If you want lashes that are impactful, long, and fluttery with zero clumpage, try this trick. You simply close the eyes and wiggle your mascara on the tips of the lashes without taking the product all the way to the root. Your liner will take care of thickening the base of the lashes for an all-round lush look.




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