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Easy Summer Date Night Makeup Ideas

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Easy Summer Date Night Makeup Ideas

Posted by LiveGlam on Aug 10, 2022

A date night on a warm, breezy summer evening, what could be better? You’re feeling excited yet relaxed, you want to look amazing but don’t want to spend a long time on your look. You want to look fresh and cute but natural and fresh too. Got it! 

Here’s an easy Summer date night makeup anyone can whip up in ten minutes or so. 


Let’s aim for a glowy base that evens out your skin tone and smooths the pores while remaining natural and fresh. 

Cleanse and moisturize as usual. If you have a tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream, apply that to the face. If you’re a foundation gal, apply a few dots to the face then buff it in with a brush or sponge, blending it out to a sheer finish. You could also add a few drops of foundation to your moisturizer to create a tint. 

Take your usual concealer and use a tiny brush to spot-conceal any redness, blemishes, or discoloration. 

If you struggle with oil or shine, you can do one of two things. You can use a little translucent powder on your shiny areas. Or, you can just embrace that we’re in Summer and things are going to get glowy! 

Our go-to foundation

Our go-to skin tint 


In my opinion, the cheeks are the real hero of the fresh Summer look. Flushed, glowy cheeks sculpt the face and bring that fresh glow we love. 

Take a bronzer on a big, fluffy brush and buff through the cheekbones, through the hairline, across the nose, and along the jaw. Now take a sanity blush in your go-to shade (fresh pink, berry, coral, orange, or red) and buff onto the apples of the cheeks in an upward motion toward the temples. 

Brush the excess on the brush over the nose and through the hairline. It’ll be barely detectable but the extra color just ties things together. Stand back and add a little more to the cheeks if needed. 

Take a creamy highlight with a glowy-not-glittery finish and dab onto the tops of the cheeks, down the bridge of the nose (avoid the tip!), and over the cupid’s bow. Use a clean finger to buff it into the skin to avoid any skip marks around the edges. 

Our go-to bronzer

Our go-to blush

Our go-to highlight


Let’s keep this as simple as possible. Take a fluffy brush and load it with a shimmery shade just a little lighter than your skin tone. This could be pale pearl, champagne, gold, bronze, or deep tan. Buff it over the entire lid. 

Now take your bronzer on that same fluffy brush and buff into the crease and along the lower lash lines. Take a black or brown pencil and press into the upper lash line. 

Add plenty of mascara. Done. 


Let’s not be coy here, chances are high that there’s going to be some making out. For that reason, you’re going to want a lip that’s soft, wears-off nicely, and won’t give too much transfer. 

A soft liner (I love Cake Pop!) topped with Shnooks or a lip oil (like Dreamy Sky) will plump and soften the lips, is easy to reapply without a mirror, and will wear off na- turally.




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