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    Monochromatic Red Smokey Eye Tutorial

    Posted by Ana Delgadillo on Nov 26, 2019

    Red Monochromatic Smokey Eye Tutorial

    Spooky season is officially over, so that means Holiday season is otw… and fast! What better way to prepare for the upcoming festivities than with a stunning monochromatic red smokey eye makeup tutorial?! Keep reading for some major holiday inspo using our newest Bonus LiveGlam ShadowMe palette, Scorpio!

    Monochromatic Red Smokey Eye Tutorial

    Okay, you might be asking “what is a monochromatic makeup look?”. A monochromatic look is basically a look created using shades of the same color (it’s not as boring as it sounds, promise!). 2019 has been a great year for monochromatic eye makeup looks and we’re so here for it! Wanna stun everyone at your holiday family gatherings?! Recreate this red monochromatic smokey goodness!


    1. Apply “Attractive” on your crease and softly wing it out to create a cat-eye effect.
    2. Take “Loyal” and focus it on your outer corner for more depth.
    3. Add “Intelligent” to your lid for a pop of shimmer.
    4. Go back to “Loyal” and apply on your upper lash line.
    5. Smudge “Intelligent” on your lower lash line and create a cat-eye in your inner corner.
    6. Sweep “Magnetic” on your inner corner and brow bone.

    monochromatic eye makeup looks

    We hope this red smokey monochromatic eye makeup tutorial gave you some fierce inspo! Anyone can pull off red eyeshadow especially during the Holidays, so grab your brushes and add our Scorpio palette to your cart so you can recreate this look!

    Shop Scorpio Palette!

    easy monochromatic look

    As a member of any of our LiveGlam Clubs, you can purchase this palette (and other LiveGlam bonus palettes) on our Shop page and get exclusive member pricing. Or, as a current ShadowMe member, you can trade your next palette for this one!

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    Stay Glam!


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    Ana Delgadillo

    Ana is a Los Angeles based beauty blogger and influencer with a passion for everything that makes you feel beautiful. When she's not creating new makeup looks or tips for her followers, she's most likely journaling or lifting some weights at the gym.

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