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6 Beauty Tips We’ve Learned from Rihanna’s Makeup Tutorial

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6 Beauty Tips We’ve Learned from Rihanna’s Makeup Tutorial

Posted by LiveGlam on Aug 21, 2019

Singer, makeup mogul, fashion designer, actress, and all around icon, Rihanna hit us with a going out makeup tutorial where she contoured, highlighted, and blended to the Gods! This 10 minute GRWM is everything you would wish from Bad Gal RiRi and more– from tweet-able moments, to using concealer to hide your “bad decisions” and her beauty secrets of course!

Let’s dive into Auntie RiRi’s “more is more” summer beauty approach and her unfiltered sense of humor! If you liked Rihanna before, you’re probably going to be obsessed with her after this video (we’re kind of obsessed tbh).

Rihanna’s Epic 10-Minute Guide To Going Out Makeup

Contour according to your face shape, not Youtubers

“Contour your face for your face, not the way you see on every YouTube tutorial, because everyone has a different shape”.

One of the first tips RiRi sends our way is to contour for your face shape because everyone has a different facial structure– don’t mimic YouTube tutorials because chances are, you’re not contouring for your shape.

rihanna makeup tutorial

Blend your contour/bronzer into your hairline

I hate to see that line between your forehead and your hair; it should just blend in naturally”.

Separation lines are not Rihanna’s vibe, and we couldn’t relate more! Her trick? Blend that contour/bronzer into your hairline to avoid any kind of separation lines. If Rihanna does it, count us in!

Multi-tasking with your products

Besides being queen of unapologetic beauty, Rih is also queen of multi-tasking (who knew?). After swiping on some bronzer on the perimeters of her face, she took the same bronzer and applied it to her eyes to give them some warmth. She also took one of her pink shimmer blushes and applied it all over her lids! Talk about one and done 😉.

tips from rihanna makeup video

Cover eye bags with dark eyeshadow

“A day like today where I’ve barely had any sleep, I’m gonna get all those little bags right there” 

Running on no sleep but you’re still trying to look (almost) as good as Rihanna? Cover those bags up with some dark eyeshadow– we’re trying to fix our inner issues with a bad bi*** dark eyeshadow (would it be a proper Rihanna blog post if we didn’t try to sneak some lyrics in?)! Rih also adds a pop on highlight to her inner corners for some extra zest or oomph, as she says.

Don’t be afraid of the glow

“I think the key to highlighter is not being afraid of it… I could get really carried away when it comes to highlight. I really could”

What’s the key to Rihanna’s glow-up? Shining bright like a diamond! Rih likes layering different highlighters to get that multidimensional glow. She applies 3 highlighters in the 10-min video (same, sis), and shared that it’s important to blend and to make sure the colors flow together! She then finished up by applying an iridescent lip gloss (P.S. our “Yachtie” gloss is a damn good iridescent gloss if you want to go for the same vibe!).

rihanna makeup tips

Experiment with body glow

I would sit there and make body glitter makeup with like, oil and eyeshadows that I crushed up, pigments, and I would just blend it all together to make this nice little glowy thing”

Rih gives us a little background on how she was inspired on her “Body Lava” and we’re living and breathing for the tips she gave. Mix a little bit of eyeshadow with body oil to create your own body glow!

Let us know in the comments if you’re going to try Rihanna’s look– we’ll be reading the comments while we attempt to recreate this look and slay like our “Wild Thoughts” queen.




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