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DIY Winter Strength & Moisture Hair Mask!

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DIY Winter Strength & Moisture Hair Mask!

Posted by LiveGlam on Dec 17, 2017

Winter is a wonderful time of the year, full with holiday magic and cheer, with dry hair in the atmosphere!

Warm cocoa and cool weather are winter classics! While the snow on the ground is beautiful and it feels like there’s magic in the air- the cool-dry conditions can leave your hair yearning for a lil’ extra TLC! And since the holidays are about spreading love, be sure to extend those warm fuzzy feelings to your dry locks. This favorite DIY hair mask has helped turn my damaged winter ‘do into a cascade of soft, shiny silk.  

Diy Hair Mask

Hairway to Heaven

If the winter turns your hair into straw, then this mask will help restore your moisture and shine. To make this amazing hair mask at home, start by adding a few tablespoons of Black Jamaican Castor Oil in a bowl and mix it in with some jojoba oil to thin it out. Then drop a couple tablespoons of mayonnaise and whip it all up!. Yes- we said mayo- trust me on this one! Finish by mixing in 4-6 drops of rosemary oil. Apply the mixture to towel-dried hair and let is marinate! Leave the conditioner in for at least 30 minutes, but I like to keep it on overnight with a shower cap on!

Diy Hair Mask

Moisture Control

I’m not just gonna tell you to throw mayonnaise in your hair without good reason, so let’s break down these ingredients and see what’s going on to turn your drought to a garden! If you break the mayo down to the basics, what you’ve got is oil and egg yolk! These ingredients will help moisturize your hair, restore it’s proteins, and add a layer of shine and protection. The Jojoba is doing the same job, by locking in moisture!

Diy Hair Mask

Strength and Length

Soft and shiny hair comes from strong healthy roots! The Castor and Rosemary oils are going to help strengthen your hair from root to tip. Rosemary oil has amazing qualities that help promote hair growth and can aid in treating dandruff! After adding your mask to your whole head, you can massage a few extra drops of Rosemary into your roots to help hair growth! Castor oil also will help your hair grow strong, fast, and healthy! Be sure to massage your mask thoroughly into your roots to get all these hairy benefits!

Don’t get the winter blues with dry hair, let this hair mask keep you jolly! Your beautiful locks will thanking you come Spring. What are some of your favorite hair products?




Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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