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When in doubt, just do it yourself!

Beauty Hacks, DIY

DIY Your Vanity Like a Pro!

DIY Your Vanity Like a Pro! Don’t let a tight budget stop you from building your dream beauty station! Honestly, why spend a fortune on acrylic makeup organizers and pretty trays to display your beauty products when you can DIY the entire thing for a fraction of the cost. Want […]

DIY makeup vanity

DIY, Makeup

DIY Affordable Wedding Makeup!

DIY Budget Friendly Wedding Makeup! Weddings are so expensive, we all know that. But hey, they don’t need to be! Don’t feel the pressure to shell out thousands of dollars on things you can do yourself for free. Makeup is something which you can totally do yourself, with a little […]

DIY wedding makeup

DIY, Makeup

Tips for Storing Makeup in Your Bag!

Tips for Storing Makeup in Your Bag! Carrying a heavy bag around with you for the entire day can be the most annoying thing ever. And most of the time, a lot of that clutter is beauty-related! But what can you do… you really need all that stuff! Chances are, you’ve […]

Tips for Storing Makeup in Your Bag


DIY eyebrow, hair, & eyelash serum

Growing long beautiful lashes and full brows can totally be a hairy situation (ba-dum-chh)! 🙄 But really- growing out your brows can take some serious sacrifice and long lashes are just everyone’s desire! If you’re looking for longer lashes, fuller brows, or INCHES on ya head then I’ve got a […]


DIY, Skincare

Top 5 DIY Skincare Must-Haves

Are you a DIY goddess, newbie, or enthusiast? If so, then there’s a few things that you have to keep in your pantry! These versatile DIY Skincare must-haves will keep you clean, clear, hydrated, and fresh. You can use them for your face masks, hair masks, and overall skincare and […]


Beauty Hacks, DIY, Skincare

3 DIY Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles 

We’ve all woken up with dreadful (designer) bags or dark circles under our eyes and likely headed straight to our makeup bags for a quick fix. Instead of packing on the concealer to try to cover them up, let’s tackle the problem head on by using some natural ingredients from […]


Beauty Hacks, DIY, Makeup

This DIY Eyebrow Pomade Will Have Your Brows Beyond Fleek

Ever experience the horror of getting ready and realizing you have no eyebrow product left? Yeah, same. For me, nothing completes a look more than nicely groomed, filled-in brows. Without it, mine look like they’re sparse and crying out for help. Whether you ran out of product or simply don’t […]



Home Remedies for Dark Circles Around the Eyes

It’s never a good feeling when someone says you look tired, especially when you’re not. Dark circles are very annoying. Yes, we can rely on concealer, but not all the time. Wanna know some really cool home remedies for dark circles? Then keep on reading! Cucumbers An oldie, but a […]


DIY, Skincare

Feeling Beautiful All Day Long has Never Been Easier than with this Morning Routine

I believe beauty is just as much a mindset as it is appearance. The days we feel our best inside, we seem to emit a certain luster. It’s irresistible. Others don’t know how we got it, but they want it, too. They’ll ask you, is it happiness? A new moisturizer, […]

feeling beautiful LiveGlam

DIY, Skincare

Honey and Lemon Mask – DIY Organic Mask Recipe to Try Today

Want clear, glowing skin? Look no further than your kitchen, for you probably already have these simple skincare ingredients on hand to make a honey and lemon mask. Because how frustrating is it to find the perfect mask recipe, only to then have to wait until you have time to […]


DIY, Skincare

An All-Natural Face Scrub to Remove Dark Spots on Skin

So, you used to have flawless, even skin. Then, one day, all of a sudden, a patch appears, darker than the rest. What is this? Should you be worried? And how to get rid of it naturally? Don’t worry, we have a skin care tip that will safely (and naturally) […]

remove dark spots LiveGlam

Beauty Hacks, DIY

Homemade Face Scrub Recipes You Can Try Today

Exfoliating your skin is a very important step and should be part of your skincare regimen. You should exfoliate your skin about once a week to remove the dead skin cells and other impurities. Exfoliating also helps keep your complexion clear and skin looking healthy. Checkout some of these homemade […]

homemade face scrub LiveGlam

Beauty Hacks, DIY, Haircare

How To Curl Hair Fast – We Give You The Best Steps

Curling hair is one of those beauty rituals that most girls either totally love or totally hate. For some, curling hair comes naturally and with little to no effort they achieve salon level waves in the time it takes the rest of us to blink. We fall into that category […]

DIY, Makeup Tutorials

The Art of Ombre Nails – Top Designs from Around the Web

Ombre is one of our absolute favorite beauty trends. For the past few years, this trend has been influencing celebrity hairstyles and making an appearance on runways, and now it’s been showing up in nail salons all across the world. It’s a subtle trend with a diverse range of options […]

ombre nails LiveGlam

DIY, Haircare

How To Make Hair Grow Faster – DIY Natural & Organic Ways

We all love super long hair, but sometimes it can hard to get your gorgeous short hair to turn into a cascading waterfall of lush locks. Some girls have better luck with hair that naturally grows quickly, but most of us are left wondering what we can do to get […]

how to make hair grow faster LiveGlam

DIY, Skincare

Natural Blemish Remover DIY – Create Your Own At Home

The holidays are approaching and girl, we know that you don’t want to deal with acne and facial blemishes. You need to look pretty, pristine, and perfectly adorable for all those amazing holiday parties (and photos!). That’s why we decided to put together a few quick DIY tutorials that will […]


Beauty Hacks, DIY, Makeup Tutorials

How To Fake Your Own Nail Art Pen – DIY Tutorial

We love nail art. It’s the perfect way to show off your totally unique, creative flair in an amazingly beautiful manicure. The best part is, most nail art is incredibly easy to do at home – no salon needed! We’ve already shown you how you can create your own magazine […]

DIY, Skincare

How to Hydrate Skin Naturally: DIY Skincare

You know we’re obsessed with DIY hacks and we’re gonna keep them coming, because who doesn’t like to save a little money? Fall is officially here which means dry, chapped skin. Instead of layering your moisturizer on all season, you can hydrate skin naturally with our tips. Wanna know how? […]

DIY, Makeup Tutorials

Magazine Nail Art How To – Tutorial and Tips

Have you been loving the recent nail trend on magazine nail art? It’s an amazing way to show of your own individual personality while making sure that no one else has the exact look as you! If you’ve been wondering how you can achieve this unique, beautiful look on your […]

Beauty Hacks, DIY, Skincare

DIY Natural Beauty Hacks – Top 5 Tips and Tricks

Calling all natural beauty lovers! Have you been craving a few easy natural beauty hacks to help you ramp up your healthy beauty regime? This week, we decided it was time to look into a few healthier alternatives to our typical chemical-laden makeup products. To help you help your skin, […]

DIY, Makeup, Skincare

5 Amazing DIY Face Masks and Natural Skin Care Remedies

Taking care of your skin is one of the most important things you can do to improve the quality of your makeup and the overall healthiness of your appearance. Everything always circles back to skin health! It should be the first and last thing you think about EVERY DAY! (talk […]

DIY Face Masks LiveGlam