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online vs traditional marketing LiveGlam

Online Vs Traditional Marketing – Tips for Makeup Artists

Alright all you glammers, today we’re talking strictly business. If you’re thinking of starting your own business in makeup artistry, you need to learn how to promote it right, and it’s all about the marketing. Let’s start off with distinguishing the difference between online vs traditional marketing.   So, What ...

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best affordable makeup brushes LiveGlam

Best Affordable Makeup Brushes for Pro Makeup Artists

Makeup brushes are the pillars of your perfectly flawless makeup application. Without your tools, whether you’re a pro makeup artist or just a super-enthusiast, your look can fall apart before it even starts. Finding the best brushes for your specific makeup needs is important. Even more so if you’re concerned ...

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powder vs liquid foundation LiveGlam

Powder vs. Liquid Foundations: What’s Best For My Skin?

You probably have a favorite, most used foundation that you simply can’t live without. Just like eyeliner has its die-hard pencil users or only-liquid liner lovers, most beauty fanatics prefer powdered or liquid foundation. While these foundations can help you achieve different looks, one might be better for your skin ...

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