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Budget Halloween Looks Using What You've Already Got

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Budget Halloween Looks Using What You’ve Already Got

Posted by LiveGlam on Oct 23, 2022

Halloween doesn’t need to be a bank breaker. I mean, chances are you’re going to be eating and drinking the night away and forgetting about your costume within the first hour. Once the initial photos are taken, the makeup has done its job, so keep it cheap! You can create amazing, artful Halloween looks using what you’ve got in your makeup collection. 

In the words of the influencers, today we are shopping our stash to create quick, easy, and affordable Halloween makeup looks. 


This look is great because you can apply your favorite evening look that you feel your best in, then simply finesse it with some glittery webs. 

  • Apply your favorite makeup! Preferably keep the lips and eyes quite neutral in tone so they don’t compete too much with the webs.
  • Take a black liquid liner and draw a series of intercrossing lines across the eye and through the temple to the hairline. You should end up with a simple star-like shape. 
  • Now draw curved lines between your straight lines to create the web.
  • Sharpen the points of the web using a Q-tip with makeup remover to remove any smudges.
  • Embellish the web with teeny diamantes and lash glue, or simply use a glitter liner such as the silver Glammed liner

Open wound 

This one is great for getting a little creative and seeing how realistic you can get. However, if it ends up a little, ugh, abstract? Who cares! It’s Halloween, just own it. This is a great look for just adding onto your daily makeup if you’re going out straight after work and don’t have time to re-do your whole face. 

  • Take a browny red shade that is a few shades deeper than your skin tone and buff it into a rough oval shape where you’d like your wound to be. Blend out the edges with your finger. Aim for a nasty, red-toned bruise.
  • You can add a little blue around the edges and blend in thoroughly to deepen the bruise. 
  • Use a black liquid liner to draw a line or “cut” down the middle of the bruise. 
  • Take a deep, blood-red liquid lippie and dab it around the edges of the black line, aiming for some gloopy raised bits! 
  • Add a few flecks of black liquid liner to act as dried blood. 
  • Done! 


This one is almost shamefully easy, all you need is a black liner. This one is for when you actually forgot you were going out for Halloween or if you’ve been dragged out to a party with 5 minutes notice. 

  • Do your go-to makeup that makes you feel great on a night out, no spookiness required.
  • Take a long-wear black eyeliner pencil (very sharp) or liquid liner and draw a line from the corner of your lip to your cheekbone. You could also try one vertically down your eye and onto the cheek, or anywhere! Draw little lines across your main line to create the stitch effect.
  • If you want to make it a little fancier you could add a few little dabs of red lip liner or liquid lippie to create a bloody effect. 



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