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How to Use a Lip Scrub Before Applying Lipstick

Posted by LiveGlam on Sep 12, 2019

How to Use a Lip Scrub Before Applying Lipstick

We all know that in order to achieve a flawless makeup base we have to take the proper steps like exfoliating and moisturizing and all that good stuff, but have you thought about doing the same with your lips? Learning how to use a lip scrub before applying liquid lipstick and properly exfoliating your lips, is key to getting smooth AF lips and perfect lipstick application! Pamper your lips and give them some much-needed love, with these next few steps, especially if you love a good matte lipstick moment (don’t we all?)!

How to Use a Sugar Lip Scrub

Before we get started, let’s answer the question that’s already on your mind, what is a lip scrub?! Lip scrubs are usually made with fine sugars or salts, combined with some sort of balm, oil or other emollients. These itty-bitty exfoliants will buff away any dead skin on your lips while the moisturizers work their magic to bring back some life back into your pout as well as being a great way to remove long-lasting lipsticks without drying your lips out!

benefits of using a lip scrub

Learning how to correctly use a lip scrub is crucial because, like facial scrubs, using the wrong formulas can make the problem even worse! Not all lip scrubs are created equally and some can be way too abrasive for your delicate lips or simply, not hydrating enough causing more harm than good (*sips tea*).

Thankfully you’ve got us and we got you covered with our “Sugar Baby” lip scrub! This cutie will slough away dead skin and hydrate your precious pout all in one mess-free, twist up, pen applicator. The ingredients? Fine sugar crystals that are extra gentle but super effective and a yummy combo of mango butter and jojoba oil to nourish and protect your lips! We’ll take 100!


  1. Start with clean lips and swipe on our “Sugar Baby” lip scrub until you have a decent amount on your lips.
  2. Use your finger to gently massage the scrub in circular motions or rub your lips together to start getting rid of the dead skin!
  3. Leave it on for a minute or two for some hydrating realness!
  4. Remove the lip scrub with a tissue or use a damp washcloth. Tempted to give it a taste? Go ahead, we aren’t judging 😉 (she’s vegan, delicious and completely non-toxic!).
  5. Say hello to the silkiest and most plump lips of your life!

Why You Should Use a Lip Scrub Before Applying Lipstick

Aside from keeping your lips in good health, there are lots of other amazing benefits of using a lip scrub before applying liquid lipstick. If you weren’t a lip scrub stan, you will be after you see these benefits and you’ll want to exfoliate your lips ASAP!

how often to use a lip scrub

Keeps your lips healthy

The skin on your lips is delicate… like super delicate. While the skin on our body has up to 16 cellular layers, the skin on our lips only has 5 (hitting you with some scientific facts!) making them super vulnerable to environmental changes; this is why our pout tends to get dry AF when it gets cold! Using a lip scrub will help fight that and give your lips a shield to protect themselves against the harsh, harsh world.

Smooth Base

Using a hydrating lip scrub is the perfect way to prep your lips for liquid lipstick because your lipstick will go on so much smoother after you buff away all the dead skin! You’ll also notice that your lipstick won’t crack or flake after a couple hours of wear.

Lipstick will last longer

There’s nothing worse than walking by a mirror and gazing at the reflection only to see that your lipstick is hanging on for dear life because most of it has flaked off! When your lips are smooth and exfoliated, your lipstick won’t grab onto any patches so it won’t flake during the day. 

Your lip balms/moisturizers will penetrate better

Really trying to give those lips some much needed TLC? Lip scrubs will allow your lip balms and moisturizers to penetrate deeper into your lips by removing the top layer of dead cells (the more you know)!

Plump lips

Lip scrubs can also help to temporarily plump your lips! When you massage the scrub on your lips you improve blood circulation, causing more blood to pump through making them plump and juicy AF (#Facts).

how to use a lip scrub before applying liquid lipstick

Avoid your lips from getting parched and flaky as fall approaches, sign up for our lipstick subscription club to get your hands on our first ever lip scrub, Sugar Baby, and 2 KissMe lippies! Trust us, this lil scrub will surely make a permanent spot in your makeup bag. 

As a member of our LiveGlam lipstick subscription club, KissMe, you’ll receive 3 non-drying, super flexible, and long-lasting lippies, delivered straight to your door every month for only $19.99 with cute limited-edition casing that you can’t get anywhere else! We love having options and we know you do too, so if you’re ever not feeling a collection, you can always trade, skip, or cancel anytime!

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  • I live for lip scrubs and so happy KissNe club made one! And is way easier to apply than sticking your nail into a jar!!