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how to sharpen lip liners

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How to Sharpen a Lip Liner

Posted by LiveGlam on Apr 28, 2020

How to Sharpen a Lip Liner

We’ve all been through the heartbreak of sharpening our favorite lip liner and having it break, little by little, until you’re left with the teeniest amount of product! Although it may seem pretty straightforward, knowing how to sharpen a lip liner properly will save you & your lip liners from any heartache and wasted product! Read these tips before you sharpen your brand new lip liners from our April Lippie Club collection.

How Do You Sharpen a Lip Liner

Lip liners are essential if you love a long-lasting and defined pout so when you find your favorite everyday lip liner, the last thing you want is for it to waste and run out. Here’s a few tips on how to sharpen lip liners without breaking!

Put it in the fridge

This might sound silly but it works, we promise! If you have a soft and creamy lip liner, chances are it might be easier to break when sharpening. Before you sharpen lip liners, put them in the fridge for a little. This will cause the product to harden a bit, making it less susceptible to breaking even when you’re applying lip liner!

How to sharpen LiveGlam lip liner

Don’t press hard when sharpening

When you’re sharpening your lip liner, you want to make sure you’re not pressing on it way too hard. Using too much force will break the tip of you lip liner causing you to keep on sharpening… you’ll definitely be wasting your precious product!

Get a proper sharpener

Put down the typical lead pencil sharpener, sis! These sharpeners are made for tough pencil lead, not super creamy lip liners. Be kind to your lip liners specifically made for lip liners like this $4 sharpener from NYX!

how do you sharpen a lip liner

No sharpener? No problem!

It may seem insane, but yes you can definitely sharpen lip liners without a sharpener! Now, eventually you will want to get a sharpener but if you’re out and about or you just can’t seem to find your sharpener, you can use scissors or a pocket knife. Use the blade to shave away (make sure it’s away from your body!) the excess until you have your desired tip. Please be very, very careful not to hurt yourself!

Yay, now you know how to sharpen LiveGlam lip liners! Still haven’t signed up to our Lipstick Subscription Club? You’re missing out on the pout of your life! As a member you’ll get exclusive lip products delivered straight to your door every month for only $19.99. You’ll be obsessing over our cruelty-free, flexible, and delicious-smelling formula!

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How do you sharpen your LiveGlam lip liners? Let us know in the comments!

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