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LiveGlam Products


The brushes included in each month’s package are a surprise but you will receive AT LEAST $30+ in Morphe brushes. All types of brushes are eligible including powder, foundation, contour, eye shadow and liner brushes. And we never ship the same brush twice!
You will receive between 3 and 8 new Morphe brushes each month. Some months include more expensive brushes so there will be fewer of them. Other months include less expensive brushes so there will be more of them. But you will always get $30+ in Morphe brushes every single month.
We start the next month's brushes on the 23rd of each month. So if you sign up on April 23rd, you will receive May's brushes. If you sign up between May 23rd to June 22nd, you will receive June's brushes. FYI: if you sign up to the waitlist, you might get a different month, depending on inventory and your spot in line (which you can check on your Dashboard !)
No worries, we’ve got you covered! You can trade your brushes for some awesome alternatives including other brushes, lippies, palettes and much more. FYI, you cannot trade on your first order (BUT if you sign up with a referral code, you'll get a free brush of your choice to ensure you get at least one style you love!) Or, you can skip a month/payment entirely (you’ll hang on to your reward points you’ve been banking you just won’t collect new ones that month). By skipping your membership will automatically continue the next month. The last option would be to cancel. You do lose all your reward points if you cancel so make sure to cash them in before deciding to do so!
First and foremost, our goal is to get everyone off the waitlist ASAP (and ideally in the same brush month that you signed up!) However, we are reliant on product availability and that is not always possible. You can check your spot in line on your Dashboard, under the Subscriptions Tab. Don’t worry though, even if you miss a collection, we have a ton of awesome rewards prizes available, including past brush or lippie collections and products from some of the best beauty lines out there! Check out our blog for more info on the waitlist!
Once you’re activated from our waitlist, we’ll send you an email with the name and a photo of the collection you’ll be receiving. Another way to check is under your Subscriptions Tab- you can click the view more “eye”con next to your most recent order and it will tell you what month you received, as well as other info (this tab is also where you can check your spot in line.) Just FYI, even if a new month set/collection has debuted, you may not have missed your chance on the previous month! Your email will let you know! Here’s a blog post on all things waitlist, for more information.
You will get Morphe makeup brushes each month with your membership, but you also score 100 reward points each  month you're an active member. You can use those points to redeem makeup, brushes and other awesome prizes! Check out Rewards for more details!
We provide detailed information about each brush when we ship your packages, but we also provide how-to videos and blog posts for all the monthly brush packages. These videos and posts carefully illustrate how to use our brushes to get the most glam. You can access the videos (usually available at the end of the month for that month’s brushes) by logging into your LiveGlam account and clicking on "View this month's brushes" on your dashboard or by checking out the Blog.
You can redeem points in return for a free beauty product valued at $25+ when you reach 600 total points. You can redeem points in return for a free beauty product valued at $50+ when you reach 1,200 total points. If you have a 6 month membership, you are guaranteed to earn 600 points, and if you have an annual membership, you are guaranteed to earn 1,200 points. Check out Rewards for available prizes and more info!
Yes! You can do this from your Dashboard (available for members only).
Although the annual membership requires payment for the entire 12 months up front, the benefit to being an annual member is that you are guaranteed to earn 1,200 reward points that can be redeemed for a free beauty product valued at more than $50!
If you are a monthly member, you can: • Trade your next shipment for a different product • Skip a payment/collection • Cancel your membership at any time Just make sure to skip or trade with plenty of time before your next payment- if you've already paid, we cannot allow you to skip or trade that collection. Annual or 6 months memberships - because these memberships are paid in full upon sign up - it works a bit differently. The good news is, 6-month and annual members can now SKIP a shipment/collection, which will extend their subscription by one month for each skip. You can also trade your next shipment for a different product with more than 24 hours notice. If you cancel your membership, you will get brushes for which you’ve already paid, but you will lose any points you’ve accumulated. All of these features can be managed on your Dashboard.
For each collection you receive, you will have the opportunity to give us feedback on every single item in the package! Didn’t like that last contour brush? Dying for more eye brushes? Let us know! The option to rate a collection will appear on your subscriptions tab 4 days after your package ships out. This allows some time for your brushes to get to you, and for you to give them a spin. If you’ve been a member of the LiveGlam Fam for some time, you have some catching up to do! Go to your Dashboard to start rating! Click here for more info! Another way to ensure you get something you love is by trading ONE or ALL of your brushes, before you make your monthly payment or your package ships. If you have already made your payment for the month, or if you are getting your first month of brushes, the trade option will not be available. FYI, if you opt to trade a collection, the rating feature won't appear for that month! Learn more about trading here!
Check out our Contact Page for the best ways to connect with our LiveGlam Customer Happiness team! Please include the following or we will not be able to complete your request as quickly and efficiently as possible: • Your order number, if applicable • The email address associated with your account • The service you are experiencing issues with (MorpheMe and KissMe, etc.) • A detailed explanation of the issue and any other relevant information. We answer all inquiries personally and will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you!


We ship to anywhere in the world except Guatemala.
Brushes usually ship the same day you sign up or within 2 business days of your payment. So, if you sign up on the 5th of the month, your brushes should ship by the 7th. If you sign up on the 15th of the month, your brushes should ship by the 17th. We ship every single day except Sundays and holidays. And, once your package ships, you will get an email with a tracking number for it (you can also go to your Dashboard to find your tracking number). *Please note that customized orders do take longer to fulfill than standard monthly packages (meaning those with one or all traded items- features that are available after your first order.) This is so we can make sure we are getting your order just right!
Our standard is always to ship out monthly orders within two business days of payment. This does not always include customized orders (those with one or more swapped items), since those take a bit longer to perfect. Add-on items ship with your next monthly order. We do our best to mitigate any shipping delays, caused by internal factors or those beyond our control, and we appreciate your patience if there is ever an unusual delay in your shipping! If there's ever a delay we haven't warned you about, and it's been more than a few extra business days than normal, feel free to reach out to our Customer Happiness team to inquire.
Shipping is always free within the United States. International shipping is $4.99 per month. If you are a 6 month member, you will pay all 6 months of shipping up front along with your membership fee. If you are an annual member, you will pay all 12 months of shipping up front along with your membership fee.
Unfortunately, we are unable to continue to offer free shipping to Canada because of rate changes made by all worldwide shipping carriers. But we have lowered the initial ship rate of $7 to $4.99 in response to the concerns voiced by our customers. If you subscribed before the change (and your subscription has remained active), we will, of course, honor the original agreement and you will not be charged for shipping.


Whether you’re on the waitlist or an active member, you can refer friends using your unique referral code (found on your Dashboard or Rewards). If a friend uses your code and they are placed on the waitlist, you will get points for the referral as soon as a spot opens up and your friend makes their first payment! You can then redeem your referral bonus item (or save the points!) from the Rewards store just like you would redeem any other prize!
Yes!  When you sign up for MorpheMe, you earn reward points that can be redeemed for free makeup and free brushes. You can choose products from Morphe, Tarte, NYX, Beauty Blender and Benefit Cosmetics to name only a few, and we are constantly adding new gifts to our list of options. (Products, prices and shipping costs are subject to change.) Click here for more information!
You earn reward points simply by remaining an active MorpheMe member. Each month you’re a member, you earn 100 points. You can also earn additional reward points by referring your friends to the club using the unique referral link you’ll get when you join. And be sure to check out our new Give a Brush, Get a Brush program! If you refer a friend, you each get a makeup brush of your choosing! You can see more details and the awesome rewards prizes by logging in on your account and visit Rewards (available to active members only).
Most reward products now ship within 2 business days of your order. Rewards with an “Add-On Item” badge will ship with your next monthly package or 31-days after your redemption- whichever comes first. That way if you are not receiving another package within a 31-day period (if you skip a month or cancel), we will just ship Add-On Items on their own. You do now have the option to pay for your Add-On items to ship separately if you do not want to wait.
All add on items ship with your next monthly order or after 31 days, if you decided to opt out of your next collection.
We want to celebrate your birthday with you! You can add your birthday on the My Account page and every year we'll give you 50 bonus points to go with your candles!
The goal for our rewards program is to be able to give our glammers a lot of awesome free products! In order to do so, some products we wanted to offer end up costing a lot for us to ship. Rather than keeping those awesome products from you, we decided to offer them with discounted shipping cost. That way, we can keep adding a high quality and a diverse range of products. We’re still taking care of the entire product cost for you when you use points, and giving you the most discounted shipping pricing we can! To make it more flexible, you also have the option to pay for shipping with a credit card or by using your existing points, so you still can get products entirely by points- whatever you prefer. And if you live in the US, we will always try to offer some products that are completely free shipping. You also get free (or even more discounted) shipping if you’re a Gold member!
Yes! Members can refer their friends and earn makeup, lipsticks, brushes, and even cash!


We do allow customers to change their billing date. You can make this change on your Dashboard (available for members only).
Yes. All of this is done through your Dashboard (available for members only).
All prices on the LiveGlam website are reflective of U.S. dollars.
We have a no refund policy except in very special, unique circumstances; however, we do offer exchanges on any damaged products if you report them within 60 days from the time of shipment. If there is a damaged product, please email a picture of the item (under 1MB in size) to [email protected].
We do not store your credit card information. All of your credit card information is stored directly with our secure 3rd party merchant processor. We used to allow users to enter their credit card information on our check out page, but after a security incident even credit card information is directly entered with our secure 3rd party merchant processor. To find out more about the security incident, please see our blog post on it.
Oh no! This means there was a disruption in the communication while we were processing your payment and activating your account. Quick fix- try checking out again! Just make sure you don’t refresh while the checkout page is still loading. If the issue persists, contact our Customer Happiness team and we can look deeper into the issue.
Your payment will always process whatever month you were supposed to receive at the time of your failed payment. Even if your payment is cleared after we have turned over to new set of brushes (remember: we switch to new set every 23rd of the month), you will still get the set from your original order date, and your original billing date will remain the same. So if your payment for April brushes failed, you will still get April brushes when you clear payment, even if May brushes have already debuted.

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