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5 Summer Makeup Looks You’ll Love

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5 Summer Makeup Looks You’ll Love

Posted by LiveGlam on Jul 08, 2022

Summer time! Breathe in that warm air and feel the sun on your SPF-slicked skin. If you’re feeling a little same-same with your go-to makeup looks, use the change of season to mix it up! 

Here are 5 fun summer makeup looks you’ll love. 

Electric blue eyes and oil-slicked lips 

When tinkering around with my palette collection, I re-noticed the shade Kyanite in the You’re a Gem palette. This bright shimmery blue is like a summer sky in an eyeshadow and it looks incredible on all skin tones. 

I like to pair this shadow with ultra glossy lips by using my LiveGlam lip oil over a little nude liner. 

Keep the skin dewy, bronzed, and natural. 

  • Cover the lid with eyeshadow primer
  • Use a fluffy brush to pat your bright blue shadow onto the mobile lid 
  • Use a clean brush to buff the edges so they’re smooth and blended 
  • Repeat until you achieve an bold, opaque blue lid
  • Add mascara and falsies
  • Line the lips with a little nude liner to add fullness 
  • Coat the lips in clear lip oil 

Guac-green eyes and nude-lined lips 

Green eyeshadow makes me swoon, every time. No matter your skin tone or hair color, green shadow is striking and perfect for lush summer nights. 

The shades Holy Guacamole and Margarita from the Taco Tuesday palette inspired this look. I love to pair it with a creamy nude liner topped with a little soft balm. 

For the skin, I love an ultra-bronzed look to make the green pop. A gold-toned dewy sheen puts the cherry on top. 

  • Cover the lid with eyeshadow primer
  • Buff Holy Guacamole (or similar) over the lid and along the lower lash line 
  • Use a clean brush to ensure the edges are seamless
  • Take a shimmery green such as Margarita on your finger and tap it over the mobile lid 
  • Add a little gold to the inner corners
  • Add liquid liner if you wish, or keep it simple and skip that step 
  • Add mascara
  • Line the lips with a creamy nude liner and dab balm or lip oil over the top to retain moisture and plumpness 

Bronzed skin and pink cheeks and eyes

Even pale ladies like me can enjoy a bronzed look, especially when it’s freshened-up with a pop of pink. Enhance your natural tan or fake one all together with a satiny, warm bronzer for that healthy, sculpted look. A fresh pink cheek breathes youthful life into the skin, while pink shadow on the eyes creates a feminine, whimsical aesthetic. 

  • Apply your go-to tinted moisturizer or sheer foundation and buff into the skin
  • Take your favorite bronzer on a large, fluffy brush and buff over the cheekbones, forehead, nose, and jawline 
  • Take your bronzer through the crease of the eye and through the lower lash line with a fluffy brush 
  • Pop a fresh pink blush onto the cheeks and up toward the temples
  • Take the same pink blush on a fluffy eyeshadow brush and buff onto the eyelids and through the crease
  • All the lips need is a little lip oil, pale pink gloss, or balm 

All-over orange monochrome

My favorite way to celebrate a summer’s evening out is to create an all-over orange dream look. Orange is so beautifully warm, rich, and flattering to most skin tones (especially golden ones), why not use it all over the face? 

This is a great look if you’re in a hurry, you have minimal products on you, but you want to do something impactful. You can use the same products for different areas of the face. 

  • Apply your go-to summer’s evening base 
  • Take a bold orange blush and buff into the cheeks, carrying it through lightly to the nose and forehead. Buff the same blush shade into the crease and the lower lash line
  • For a bolder orange, take a shade like Fly High from the Whimsical Garden palette and press into the lid and through the crease 
  • Take a stunning orange lippie such as Rose over Bros and apply to the lips, either full opaque or a soft flush 
  • For extra texture, top the color with lip oil, gloss, or balm

Shimmery lavender eyes 

Lavender is a shade that transcends all seasons, but I think it works best during those hot summer days and nights. It brings a little coolness to the look and offsets a fresh tan (or pearly pale skin). 

This look can be done in a minute or two, with minimal products so it’s great for festivals and lazy days. 

  • Apply an SPF tinted moisturizer or BB cream and cancel any under eye circles with concealer
  • Lightly buff a bronzer over the face with a fluffy brush
  • Pat a shimmery lavender shade all over the lid using your ring finger, building it up as you go. My go-to shade for this look is Designer Drip from the Boujee palette.
  • Take a little extra glitter and press into the center of the lid, (I like Sugar, Sugar from the Boujee palette)
  • Add fluffy falsies such as So Ka-Ute or simply apply a few coats of mascara if time is running out 
  • For daytime, use a lip oil or simple gloss, and ramp it up and night with a bold red lip  



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