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best halloween makeup ideas when you still want to look glam

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Best Halloween Makeup When You Still Want To Look Glam

Posted by LiveGlam on Oct 23, 2022

Confession time…I’m super lazy when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. If I’m getting my a** out the door to go to a party, chances are I want to take that opportunity to look good, like, glam good not spooky good. 

For all you lazy Halloween gals and guys out there who want to throw on some black clothes and claim you’re a witch, here’s the perfect Halloween makeup to match. 

The look: deep, dark, sultry, sexy eyes and deep lips. If there’s any time to ditch the “eyes or lips” rule it’s Halloween. 

The base

We want a flawless, full coverage base for this look, a smooth canvas that can support those bold eyes and lips. 

Apply your go-to skincare and primer, if you use it. Buff a medium or full coverage foundation into the skin, starting from the center of the face and moving outward. 

Dot your concealer under the eyes, around the edges of the nose, on the chin, and wherever you have redness or blemishes. Pat in with a sponge or your ring finger.

Take a translucent powder on a small fluffy brush and dust it over the areas you concealed and where you tend to get shiny.

Tip: if you don’t have a full-coverage foundation (or any foundation), use your concealer to create a flawless base by placing it wherever you can see any redness or discoloration and buff until seamless.

The cheeks

Take a cool bronzer or contouring product and lightly dust under the cheekbones, through the hairline, down the sides of the nose, and under the jawline. Buff in with a brush until seamless. Blend a little neutral, pink, or berry onto the apples of the cheeks and finish with a creamy highlight on the cheekbones, nose ridge, and brow bone. 

The eyes

For this look, I’m using Confessions of a Nudist and Investiglam palettes to create an easy smokey eye. 

  • Cover the lids in an eyeshadow primer or non-oily concealer.
  • Buff a mid-toned brown like B-Day Suit (or one that suits your skin tone) over the entire lid.
  • Buff a deep brown (like Silhouette) into the crease and through the upper and lower lash lines. Buff it through the outer V in a slightly winged shape. 
  • Take a black shade like Secret Baegent (from Investiglam) on a small shadow brush and buff it over where you applied the deep brown, building it up along the lash lines
  • Tap a silvery or gold shimmer into the inner corners 
  • Add a some fierce falsies like the So Ka-Ute style 

The lips

Let’s keep this simple by using a long-wearing liquid lippie to last all night. We’re going for a dark blood red and Cuddle Me is the perfect one (despite the very non-scary name). 

However, that’s not all. 

We’re going to intensify the lips by using a darker pencil to create an almost ombre effect. Take a deep shade like Pudding and line the lips with it, focusing on the outer corners. Fill in the lips with your red lippie and blend the two shades together with a lip brush. 




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