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flocking fabulous eyeshadow tutorial

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LiveGlam Flocking Fabulous Palette Tutorials

Posted by LiveGlam on Jul 25, 2019

LiveGlam Flocking Fabulous Eyeshadow Palette Tutorials

So you finally have your “Flocking Fabulous” palette (our bonus LiveGlam ShadowMe palette) and you’re ready to tropic like it’s hot with a scorching hot makeup look… but you don’t know where to start (been there, done that). Finding yourself in a creative rut? No worries! We got you and we’re coming in hot with some flamazing summer makeup ideas you won’t wanna wait to recreate, so keep your palette and eyeshadow brushes ready!

Daytime Eyeshadow Looks

Looking to glam up and turn some heads for your next brunch date? Or maybe you just wanna slay while running your daytime errands (don’t we all?!) – whatever the reason, we got you covered with 3 flamingood daytime looks that will have you looking like the cutest glamingo in the flock!

Sunset Eyes

flocking fabulous eye tutorial

Give the sunset some major competition with this eye look!


1. Start off by working your way from light to dark– swipe “Sundaze” above your crease and blend “Sunset” right below it.

2. To see your sunset eyes come to life, add “Flock Star” and “Glamingo” on your lids (make sure you’re keeping that sunset gradient).

3. Complete the look by adding the same shades to your lower lash line and using “Tangerine” as an inner corner or brown bone highlight. Feel free to pop on some lashes, or go bare au naturale with a lil’ mascara– either way, this look is flocking poppin’!

Subtle Shadows & Brown Liner

flocking fabulous eyeshadow palette tutorial

Are you more of a subtle, less color, neutral, kind of gal? We got you too, boo!


1. Start by mixing “Beach Bum” and “Sundaze” together and adding that to your crease.

2. Deepen the crease with “Coconut” and blend that into your outer corner as well for some dimension.

3. Pack “Tangerine” & “What the Flock” to your lid and blend it into your outer corner for a seamless transition.

4. For the cat eye, take “Coconut” and create a sharp wing and smudge it to get that sultry smokey eyeliner look (here for it!).

5. Complete the look by adding “Beach Bum”, “Sunset” and “Coconut” to your lower lash line and adding some mascara to bring everything together! 

Warm Half Cut-Crease

In the mood for a bright and fresh eye look? @Louiecasttro has got you covered with this stunning look that’s giving us strawberry lemonade vibes!


1. Pack “Flock Star” all over your crease and blend “Sundaze” right above it.

2. Cut your crease and let it dry– add “Sundaze” on the outer half of your cut crease leaving the inner half clean!

3. Bring everything together by blending “Sunset” and ‘Flock Star” on your lower lash line– slay this look with your favorite lashes and you’re ready to party like a flock star!

Evening Eyeshadow Looks

Turn up the intensity with these 3 evening looks– yes, we’re still using one palette! We told you our “Flocking Fabulous” palette was versatile AF!

Half Cut-Crease

evening eyeshadow flocking fabulous palette

Get in the tropical state of mind with this look!


1. To recreate this lewk, start with “Sundaze” and “Sunset” on your crease and blend, baby, blend!

2. Then, grab a small crease brush and pack “Coconut” all over your crease for some depth action.

3. Take a flat brush and cut your crease with “Banana Leaf” and blend it into “Coconut” on your outer corner for a flocking smooth blend. Take “Sunset” and “Flock Star” right under your lash line– for a pop of color, use “Flock Star” as your inner corner highlight.

4. Pop on your fave dramatic lashes and you’re ready to flamingle on your night out!

Winged Out Half Cut-Crease

flocking fabulous half cut crease

Winged shadow is such a look– recreate this one for some flamazing summer baddie vibes!


1. Use “Beach Bum” and “Sunset” on your crease– deepen your crease with “Coconut”.

2. Then, cut your crease using “Tangerine” but keep this shade on the top half of your lid.

3. Take “Palm Tree” and place this shade on the lower half (closest to your lash line) and blend that into “Tangerine”.

4. After you’ve got that part out of the way, add “Coconut”  to your outer corner and blend!

5. For a dose of vitamin sea, use “Sunset” as your inner corner highlight.

Pops of Color

Summer is all about pops of color and this look proves just that!


1. Twin with @Mustbecindy by sweeping “Beach Bum” all over your crease and lids for a flocking perfect base.

2. Then, cut your crease and add “Coconut” on your outer corners to bring more depth to the look.

3. Pack “Banana Leaf” all over your lid (where you cut your crease) and blend that into your outer corner.

4. Use “Sunset” on your lower lash line for a pop of color and “Tangerine” on your inner corners so your eyes gleam as bright as the sun!

flocking fabulous tutorial

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Stay Glam!




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