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    Rate your LiveGlam Products To Earn Reward Points

    Posted by LiveGlam on Nov 02, 2017

    Rate LiveGlam Products

    Rate your LiveGlam Products To Earn Reward Points

    Exciting news for our #LiveGlamFam! As a LiveGlam KissMe, MorpheMe, and ShadowMe member, you can rate your lippies, brushes, and eyeshadow palettes after you’ve received them. Not only does this help us learn what products you love or want to kiss goodbye, but you also automatically earn 25 reward points for every collection you rate! Now you’re really getting your monthly dose of glam.

    We know everyone is different. Some of us don’t like glosses or certain lippie colors, and others do. Some of us don’t care for fan brushes, while others love the glow it gives! Though we know we can’t always please every single member of our Glam Fam, we do try our very best to give you products that you’ll love every month! Now you can help us out by telling us what you like or dislike so we can continue to improve.

    Rating your LiveGlam products is super simple!

    Here’s how it works:

    From your LiveGlam Dashboard > Scroll to your subscription > Select “Rate Products” > and get to rating!

    How to Rate LiveGlam Products

    It will take you through each product from that month’s collection, and gives you the option to add your own comments so you can really tell us how ya feel. We also ask what you’d like to see more of so we know what kind of products to create for future collections!

    After this is complete, you’ll see 25 Reward points glide into your account! There is also no time limit to when you can rate your previous collections. If you want to go back and rate, just click “rate your other packages” and you’ll be able to select all of your previous orders.

    Keep in mind that the Rate feature will appear after 4 days when your order status changes to completed. If you do not see the button, it is because it has not been 4 days and you have not received your products yet. Also, if you trade your package, you will not be able to rate that month. Not sure how to trade your monthly products? Head here:

    How to Trade Your LiveGlam Collections

    As always, keep your suggestions coming and let us know if you have any questions about our rate feature.

    Stay glam!


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