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How to Trade LiveGlam Products

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How to Trade LiveGlam Products

Posted by LiveGlam on May 27, 2019

Our main goal at LiveGlam is always to keep our Glammers happy and slaying at all times. We know that all of you won’t love every collection, that’s why we created our Trade feature! As a member of our LiveGlam Club, every month you have the option to trade individual products or the whole collection for a different option instead! Even if you’re a new member, you can trade your first set for something that’s more your style. How? It’s super easy!

How Do I Trade My LiveGlam Products?

Trading is very simple! Before your billing date and your monthly products ship out, head to your LiveGlam Dashboard and do the following:

Trade Your LiveGlam Lippies:

  1. From your Dashboard > click Trade > You’ll then see the option to Trade individual products or the whole collection.
  2. Click “Trade Single Productand select which product(s) you’d like to kiss goodbye.
  3. Continue on to select what you’d rather get instead! Please keep in mind, each product is valued at a certain # of points, so try to choose products that add up to the total point value you are swapping out for!
  4. If the products you select are valued at more points than what you’re trading, you can buy up to 200 more Reward points to cover the difference.
  5. If you’re making an equal Trade, confirm that you’re trading your current month’s product(s) for something else, and you’re all set! If you need to pay for points to cover the difference, click “Confirm and Schedule Payment” > Select a payment method > “Confirm Extra Payment” and you’re good to go!

Trade Your Whole Set:

  1. From your Dashboard > click Trade > You’ll then see the option to Trade individual products or the whole collection.
  2. Click “Trade Whole Set” and select the collection you’d like to dust away > From here, you’ll have 3 Trade options:
    1. Trade the current collection for an entirely different collection you’ve been eyeing.
    2. Trade the current collection for 600 Reward Points
    3. Trade the current collection for $21.99 in Shop Credit.
  3. Confirm 1 of the 3 Trade options above by selecting “Confirm” > “Finalize Trade” and you’re all set! You can see your trade confirmed on your subscriptions tab under your next estimated shipping date.

How to Pick Your First Collection As a New LiveGlam Member

Back in April, 2019, we released a new feature called First Set Trade. This gives anyone signing up to LiveGlam the ability to pick their first collection before checking out. If you don’t like the current month’s lineup, you can trade it for a different one to receive as your first collection! Head here to see how (it’s super easy):

How to Pick Your First Collection

Basically… you got options! You’ll never be forced to get a collection you don’t like. Instead of skipping a month, make sure to check out our trade options first! We try to update them every month so you won’t be stuck with the same choices every time.

What LiveGlam products would you like to see available for Trade? Let us know in the comments below! 

Stay glam!




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