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How To Transform Your Daily Lipstick With Lip Liner

Beauty Hacks

How To Transform Your Daily Lipstick With Lip Liner

Posted by LiveGlam on Jun 14, 2023

Here’s how to use lip liners to transform your lippies! 

Create a gradient

An ombre effect on the lips creates a flattering dimension as it makes the inner part of the lips truly pop against a slightly darker outer line. 

Apply your chosen lipstick then take a darker liner, like Bday Wish, and draw it over your lipstick in small strokes, focusing on the middle of the lower lip and the outer corners of both lips. 

Use your finger or a lip brush to blend the colors together. Add a dab of gloss to the center of the lips and gently press to blend. 

Deepen your lighter lippies 

If you’ve got a pale lipstick that just doesn’t float your boat anymore but you like the overall tone, don’t toss it out! Apply a layer of the lippie then draw over it lightly with a darker liner and blend out with your finger. Voila! A brand new color and no wasted makeup. 

Adjust the tone of less flattering lippies 

I bought a lipstick without swatching the other day on a total whim. I got home and the tone was just far too orangey for me, it washed me out and made me look a little ill. However, it did have some pretty tones in it. I took my 2017 liner and lined my lips (on top of the lipstick) and blended it out with my finger. 

The cooler tone in the liner neutralized the warm tones in the lipstick and made it far more wearable. Plus, it’s kinda fun to create a custom shade!


Ready to try these tips out yourself? Don’t be afraid to get as creative as you’d like by experimenting with a variety of lip liner hues!





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