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    Eyeshadow Club Palette Delay

    Posted by LiveGlam on Jul 21, 2020

    LiveGlam eyeshadow club delay update on shipping

    Update (9/15): Our Eyeshadow Club has been on hold for a little while now, and you’re probably wondering – What’s the Scoop?! (Pun intended.)

    Everything is still on hold for now due to COVID-19 delays, but don’t worry we’ll email you again when the palettes arrive and are ready to ship! That way you’ll have time to Trade, Skip, or Cancel before trying to charge you.

    In the meantime, take advantage of your FREE PALETTE offer (available for Eyeshadow Club members ONLY)! For more details, email us at [email protected] or text us at +1 224 877-7107. Thanks for your patience and we’ll be in touch soon!

    Update (8/6):  Hello Glammers! If you have been a member of our Eyeshadow Club then you probably know we promised you a special surprise because we had to put our Club on hold due to COVID-19 delays. Well, here’s the surprise! For those of you that have been a member of our Eyeshadow Club before we placed it on hold, we are excited to give you a FREE EYESHADOW PALETTE when you sign up for any other club that you’re not a part of. And if you happen to be a member of all 3 of our clubs, then we’re giving you a free palette anyway without having to do anything to show our appreciation!

    LiveGlam eyeshadow palette gif

    Below are the current Lippie Club and Brush Club Collections. You can choose from many other Collections as well, and you get to pick the free palette you want upon sign up!

    LiveGlam brush club and lippie club special offer

    Claim Your Palette

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    All the details were sent to you via email. If you didn’t get an update from us, click here to chat with our Customer Happiness team and we’ll take care of you right away.

    We wanted to give you an important update about our Eyeshadow Club. Due to the impact of COVID-19, many factories have shut down and we are experiencing delays in receiving our next few palettes. We know how much our Eyeshadow Club members had their hearts set on these eye-conic shades, but we promise to get glam goodies headed out as soon as we can!

    We’re committed to being responsive and responsible to our #LiveGlamFam. For those in the Eyeshadow Club, instead of charging you on your next renewal date and then having you wait for your next palette to ship, we thought the right thing to do was to place your membership on Hold and not charge you until we have everything in-house. We’ll send you an email to let you know your palette has arrived before charging you, so you’ll have plenty of time to Skip, Trade or Cancel.

    To show our appreciation for your patience, we are working on an additional incentive to give our loyal Glammers some extra love and will be in touch about it over the next few days! We always want to blend things out for a flawless experience, so please let us know if there’s any way we can makeup for it. Additionally, we’re giving you an early peek at our upcoming palette so you can get excited for these gorgeous shades and our brand new pressed glitter formula!

    eyeshadow club delay LiveGlam

    Can I still sign up to get this palette?

    Yes! You can join the waitlist for the What’s the Scoop? palette. As soon as we have the palettes in house, we’ll charge your card and ship your eyeshadows within 2 business days!

    Join The Waitlist!

    As you’re daydreaming about the places you’ll go, people you’ll hug and looks you’ll slay, our team is hard at work to get the glam into your hands. Thank you doesn’t cut it, but your patience and endless support is everything to keep us glowing for it. We love our Glammers!

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    • Thanks for letting me know about the delay, also love next eyeshadow pallet is beautiful n amazing colors, GLITTER #1 love love it so much!!! I felt as if my opinion matters, thanks for the heads up can wait to receive it!

    • Omg I can’t wait to get this new palette 🎨 it’s super nice the wait would be worth it

    • Thank you and appreciate you letting me know about the delay

      • Thanks for letting me know about the delay, also love next eyeshadow pallet is beautiful and amazing colors, GLITTER #1 love love it so much!!!

    • Love it 😍

    • Thank you for letting me know of the situation, love the New pallet Can’t wait to receive it❤️

    • Thank you for letting me know and also for your excellent customer service!! I cant wait till I can get thing in my hands and play with the pressed glitter shadows!!😍😍😍

    • Thank you for letting me know !! Will wait for it

    • Thank You for letting me know about the situation, can't wait to receive this palette!!

    • Thank you so much for the update I can’t wait! 😍

    • Thank you for keeping us informed! Love the new glitters.

    • Can’t wait for the palette Thanks

    • The only thing that really matter is that you are all okay. Thanks for letting me know. Stay healthy and the rest will follow. I am with you throughout. I have been in the house since it started, except for an emergency dentist visit. Nancy

    • Thank you LiveGlam for being on top of communication with your subscribers! Love the customer service you all provide! Thank you!

    • Thank u for the heads up

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