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best glitter eyeliner looks to try


Best Glitter Eyeliner Looks To Try

Posted by LiveGlam on Feb 16, 2021

If you’re feeling uninspired when it comes to makeup, or you simply want to add a little sparkle to a stressful world, glitter eyeliner is here for you. 

We’re still not over the fabulousness that is our Glammer Liner Duo. Two glitter eyeliners in gold and silver, packed with sparkle and a million possibilities. 

Glitter newbies out there, never fear. Our glitter liners are so simple to use and mess-free. Let me prove it; here are the best glitter eyeliner looks to try. 

Glitter Floating Liner

glitter eyeliner looks to try

Floating liner is so modern, pretty, and versatile. Like an extreme cut crease, floating liner was a common trend in the 1960s, with dark, often crisp lines dashing across the crease and toward the outer brow tip. 

Glitter takes the look to a more whimsical place fit for disco lights and late nights. 

How to: 

  • Apply an eyeshadow primer or skin-matching cream shadow and set with a neutral matte or satin eye shadow
  • Buff a kohl pencil or matte shadow into the lash line, or apply your go-to liquid liner wing
  • Take your Glammer Liner and draw a line (starting from the inner part of the eye) just above the crease, following the natural contour of the eye 
  • If you have hooded eyes (like me!) you may need to experiment with line placement. I like to apply mine well above the crease so that when my eyes are open, the line is clearly visible
  • Experiment with different shapes, such as a straight, contemporary line that contrasts the curve of your crease and brow. Or, create a thick line that snakes over the lash line, through the crease, and meets in a sharp wing at the outer corner

Glitter Layered over Classic Winged Liner

glitter eyeliner tutorial

Does your go-to eye look consist of a blackest-black winged liquid liner, neutral shadows, and plenty of mascara? Fabulous. 

To give yourself a little spritz without changing your regular routine, all you need to do is pop a little glitter liner over your black wing. This allows you to add a peep of gleam without veering out of your comfort zone or adjusting the shape of your eye. Plus, this quick-change can be done in a few seconds before going out.

How to: 

  • Apply your base, shadows, liquid liner, and mascara as usual
  • Draw your glitter liner directly over the liquid line. Start by adding it only to the center of the lash line. This will add a pop of shine as the light catches your eyes while maintaining the inky depths of your wing
  • Experiment with adding gold to the wing tip and silver to the lash line for an ombre effect 
  • This technique is a great way to wear glitter during the day, even at the office (or at your home office, let’s be real). It’s certainly there, but it’s subtle 

Artistic Dashes 

best glitter eyeliner ideas to try

One of my favorite ways to apply glitter liner is to add small, seemingly random dashes over my eye. This looks modern, graphic, creative, and fun in a rebellious, unstructured way. 

The great thing about this approach is that anything goes, as long as you commit to it. 

How to: 

  • Lay down a layer of skin-matching cream shadow or eyeshadow primer and a matte or satin shadow
  • Add a little taupe or bronze to the crease for definition, but be sure to blend the heck out of it
  • Smudge a teeny bit of kohl liner or matte black shadow into the lash line for doe-eyed definition
  • Take your glitter liner and create angular, offset dashes. For example, you could place them just under the brow bone, in the very inner corner, or even vertically down the centre of the lid. Try it! It’s only makeup
  • Add plenty of mascara and wait for the curious questions to come 



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