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What’s The Best Way To Remove Dark Lipstick?

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What’s The Best Way To Remove Dark Lipstick?

Posted by LiveGlam on Apr 01, 2022

A dark, dramatic lipstick can bring the inner diva out in all of us. It’s all very well to slick on a deep red, brown, purple, or even black, but the fun stops when it’s time to remove it! If it’s a matte liquid lippie then the risk of mess is even greater. Lucky for us, there are methods! 

Use a heavy-duty makeup remover

You may be thinking “OBVIOUSLY!”, but it pays to be thorough, right? An oil-based makeup remover designed for waterproof mascara is ideal for dark, matte lipsticks. Soak a cotton round, press it onto your lips, hold for a few seconds, then gently wipe away. 

Tip: wipe the makeup off toward the center of the lips instead of outward to avoid looking like you’ve just been making out for three hours straight. 

Use oil 

If there are no makeup removers or scrubs in sight, head to the kitchen. Food-grade coconut oil, olive oil, or avocado oil will break down any lipstick…and soften your lips at the same time. 

Use a lip scrub or a dedicated lipstick remover 

Once the bulk of the lipstick is off, you might be left with some residue, especially if you have dry lips. A lip scrub is the way to deal with this. You could use the fabulous Mint to Be sugar lip scrub or simply mix sugar and coconut oil to go DIY style. 

If dark lippies are going to be a regular feature going forward, I recommend getting a trusty matte lipstick remover to have on hand. The KissMe Bye-Bye lipstick remover couldn’t be simpler to use or more effective on the toughest of lipsticks.




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