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how to find the perfect lashes for your eye shape


How To Find The Perfect Lashes For Your Eye Shape

Posted by LiveGlam on Apr 21, 2021

We all know the magic of lashes – creating volumized, longer lashes not only enhances your eyes, but glams up your whole look. Between long sparse lashes, natural wispy lashes and bold dramatic lashes, sometimes it can be hard to choose the false eyelashes that are your perfect fit! But did you know that choosing the right set of lashes comes down to the shape of your eyes? Step up your lash game and learn how to choose the best falsies for your eye shape!

Hooded Eyes


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Because hooded eyes means the entire lid isn’t visible, it’s important to choose lashes that don’t weigh down your eyes – In this case, thick, dramatic lashes are probably not your best bet! Go for a natural, wispy lash that’s lightweight, which will help your eyes appear bigger and brighter! Our LiveGlam 143 Lashes would be a stunning pair with hooded eyes – give ‘em a try!

Almond Eyes


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If you have smaller eyelids with narrow corners, and your eyes are longer in width than they are round, then you might have an almond eye shape. Almond eye shapes tend to pair flawlessly with multiple types of lashes because of the curve on your upper lash line. For an everyday, natural lash, try out our LiveGlam Classy Lashes! Going for something with a bit more volume? Our LiveGlam Certified Freak Lashes have that dramatic touch!

Round Eyes


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With rounded eyes, the inner and outer corners of your eyes are more circular than other eye types. Want to turn this prominent feature into something more fierce? Create a cat-eye look with wispy lashes like our LiveGlam Butterfly Kisses Lashes. These falsies are fuller towards the outer corners, making the outer edges of your eyes appear more defined and narrow.

Monolid Eyes


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A post shared by Lucy Liu (@lucyliu)

With monolid eye shapes, the eyelid crease isn’t visible which often makes the natural lashes appear straight. This eye shape’s go-to lashes should be long, curled and full of volume. Our LiveGlam Forbes List Lashes are a great option for really showing off those beautiful eyes!

Downturned Eyes


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Similar to an almond eye shape, downturned eyes are narrow at both corners, with a downward tilt at the outer corners. Accentuate your eyes with something like our LiveGlam InstaGlam Lashes! These lashes flare out at the corners, which helps the upper eye appear gorgeously elongated!

Upturned Eyes


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With a natural cat-eye shape, upturned eyes look amazing in lashes that compliment their natural eye shape. The natural upward lift at the corners of upturned eyes makes our LiveGlam So Ka-ute Lashes a gorgeous option. These lashes will give you all the volume you need while emphasizing your natural eye shape.

While wearing false eyelashes can undoubtedly accentuate your eyes, it’s important to understand that choosing the right pair can either make or break your whole makeup look. Still unsure which pair will best compliment your features? Check out all of our lash styles on our LiveGlam Shop Page!

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