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    An Update Regarding Coronavirus

    Posted by LiveGlam on Mar 11, 2020

    LiveGlam Coronavirus Plan

    An Update Regarding Coronavirus

    Shipping Update (7/28): Our August lippies are showing up fashionably late this month, so you might see a slight delay in your order. We don’t expect them to be delayed much longer, so we hope to have these gorgeous shades shipping out to you soon! We’ll be in touch with further updates and you will receive a tracking email as soon as your order goes out. XO

    Shipping Update (7/21): We’re experiencing some delays with our Eyeshadow Club. If you’re a member, click here for more details.

    Shipping Update (7/12): Great news! All Eyeshadow Club June/July 2020 Whimsical Garden palettes have been shipped out and should be at your door soon! We can’t wait to see the amazing looks you create with our newest shades. As of right now, we are all caught up and new orders are shipping in two business days or less. We’ll continue to keep you posted!

    If you haven’t gotten your shipping notification, please reach out to us so we can check on your order in more detail!

    Shipping Update (6/22): We’re excited to say that all June lippies are on their way to your doorsteps, if you haven’t received them already! Our current Eyeshadow Club palette, Whimsical Garden, is still held up, but we hope to start shipping those palettes soon. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your patience, Glammers!

    Shipping Update (6/9): Hey Glammers! It’s been a little while since we’ve checked in so we wanted to give you an update! First off, thank you so much for your patience as we navigate through these COVID-19 related delays. Since many manufacturers were required to close, it caused us to receive our June lippies late. But the good news is we just received the first batch of lippies and our fulfillment team is working overtime to get caught up on all orders! You should be receiving emails with tracking numbers soon. As always, please feel free to reach out to us for a specific update on your order, but otherwise please know we are doing everything in our power to continue shipping orders out as quickly as possible!

    Donation Update: We’re happy to announce that we’ve officially made our donation to the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund using 25% of the profits from our April subscription sales. We couldn’t have done it without our #LiveGlamFam, and we’re so thankful for you! We hope you all remain safe and healthy throughout this time and thank you for helping us fight this disease.

    Shipping Update (5/26): Guess what Glammers?! We are fully caught up on shipping for all May collections! If you have not gotten tracking information for your May order, please reach out to our Customer Happiness team to ensure there is not an issue processing your order.

    We are continuing to get orders out the door as fast as we can, but unfortunately, there are still some COVID-19 related delays that are beyond our control due to 3rd party manufacturers for June collections.

    • For June Lippie Club: we are currently experiencing a 7-10 delay.
    • For Whimsical Garden Eyeshadow Palette: we are experiencing a longer delay on our LiveGlam Whimsical Garden palette. We will keep you posted on shipping delays as more information comes available for this palette.

    All orders will receive complimentary upgraded shipping once the packages do go out! We will continue to provide updates frequently on this blog and can’t thank you enough for your patience!

    Shipping Update (5/12): We’re continuing to catch up on all orders and delays are shrinking daily! We hope to be ahead of this soon and appreciate your patience.

    Shipment Update (4/27): The good news keeps coming – we are almost caught up on all orders! The only delays we are still experiencing are for our KissMe May collection, which shouldn’t take much longer. If you’re waiting on a the Brush Club, Eyeshadow Club, April Lippie Club, Rewards, or a Shop order – feel free to email, chat, or DM us for a more detailed status update. As usual, we will continue to keep you posted and can’t thank you enough for your patience!

    Shipment Update (4/18): Good news! We are quickly catching up on orders and our Glammers shouldn’t have to wait much longer for their packages! If you are waiting on a package, you should be getting a shipment notification with a tracking number very soon. We are still answering email, live chat and social media DM’s super fast without delays, so if you do want a specific update, feel free to reach out to us. Most customers are receiving shipment notifications within 1-2 business days of contacting us. We can’t thank you enough for all of your patience for the delays caused by the COVID-19 outbreak!

    Shipment Update (4/8): Thanks to all those who have been patiently waiting! We are truly sorry for the shipping delays caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. We want your glam goodies to get to you ASAP once they’ve shipped, so that’s why we’ve decided to upgrade all outgoing packages to EXPEDITED shipping services as a thank you for your patience. We appreciate your understanding so much as we work through this, and we’ll be updating this blog in the coming days with a more specific catch up plan so you know when your package is going to ship if you’re still waiting on it! Stay safe XOXO.

    Shipment Update (4/01/20): We sent out an email communication to Glammers affected by shipping delays. We are working as quickly as possible to catch up on orders, but unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation has been causing some unexpected delays. We will keep this blog up to date and will send out an additional information as needed. Thank you so much for your patience during this time.

    Shipment Update (3/31/20): We are currently experiencing delays in shipments due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Your LiveGlam package may take a little longer than usual to get to you, but the glam is still coming!

    For our international Glammers, DHL has halted international shipping to select countries. If you live in a location on this list, we are unable to ship out your order at this time but will send you an update as soon as international shipping resumes. For more information, head here.

    Donation Update (3/23/20): We’re spreading extra love this month! Not only can you enjoy a bonus product in your April Lippie Club packages, but 25% of profits from all new LiveGlam subscription sales will also be donated to the World Health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

    We’ll use this post to keep you updated on how we’re keeping LiveGlam employees and our Glammers safe, as well as order and shipping updates.

    The only thing we want to spread is love and great beauty products, not the coronavirus! That’s why our top priority is to do everything we can to ensure both our LiveGlam employees and Glammers are safe during this COVID-19 outbreak.

    As you know, a global outbreak of a respiratory disease named Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-2019) started in China in late 2019. The virus has been detected in more than 90 countries, including the U.S. This situation is rapidly evolving and it is likely we will see more cases across the U.S. Given the severity and increasing rates of confirmed cases, LiveGlam is committed to ensuring that the safety of our employees, products and Glam Fam members is at the top of our company’s priorities. 

    LiveGlam, in agreement with the best practices produced by the CDC and other credible government agencies, is implementing several best practices to fulfill the obligation of ensuring the safety of our LiveGlam team. We know you likely have questions about the steps we’re taking in the interest of our #LiveGlamFam’s health, wellbeing, and safety, so we wanted to outline it for you.

    LiveGlam’s COVID-19 Response Plan:

    • We are making all reasonable efforts to ensure that hand soap, gloves, and hand sanitizers are available to all employees. 
    • We are strongly emphasizing and monitoring our workplace to ensure that employees are regularly and thoroughly cleaning objects and areas that are frequently used.
    • Our fulfillment team (the team that handles your LiveGlam packages) will now provide a very detailed daily report to LiveGlam of what products and packages each team member comes in contact with. 
    • Any employee who handles or comes in contact with any LiveGlam products or packages is required to wear gloves at all times.
    • We encourage sick employees to stay home and are flexible with sick time as needed. 
    • All employees are required to immediately notify our Human Resource department regarding any issues of symptoms, infection, or exposure. 
    • We have supplied our warehouse and studio with posters and information updates regarding the virus. 
    • We will make all reasonable efforts to inform employees of necessary updates relevant to COVID-19, and strongly encourage them to continuously monitor government advisories as well.

    International Shipping Updates 

    We will ship your package out as soon as international shipping resumes to your area so you can get back to the glam asap. We do not have a timeline on this right now, but we are remaining in close contact with DHL. When your package goes out, you’ll get another email from us!

    This is a rapidly evolving situation. LiveGlam is committed to taking all reasonable efforts to ensure product, consumer and employee safety. 

    We encourage our Glam Fam to continuously monitor this situation and take all reasonable precautions and efforts to minimize any potential risk of being exposed to the virus.  We hope that everyone remains safe and patient as we all navigate through these difficult circumstances. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our COVID-19 response plan, you can contact us at [email protected] 

    With love,


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    • So happy to see this response from your company. It's awful to see all the extra time and steps needed to conduct business. I'm in Oklahoma taking all precautions necessary. Stay safe and healthy and Glamorous. Best wishes and prayers for all of you in California 😘

      • Thank you for this update and for caring for your team and our safety health wise. Very much appreciated!!!!

        • Thank you for this update and i love much LiveGlam thanks much and very appreciate take care and pray for u and everyone too.. thanks so much..❤❤🙏🙏🙏

          • Nothing is permanent even this pandemic will pass, let's just pray and have in God and pray that he give us a strength to stand till the storm passes by.


      • It has been a scary and stressful situation that we have been enduring and to know that LiveGlam has a system set up to assure, that not just your employee’s are taking all the precautions but to maintain a safe and healthy environment for us Glammers receiving the package(s). Thank you! Mrs. Pineapple 🍍

      • Prayer to everyone♡stay safe! #StayHome

      • Thank you so much for keeping me updated. Sad that we all have to go thru this. But god bless all the workers and be safe. As I wait patiently here at home.

      • Nada es permanente pero si es muy necesario guardar distancia social y mantenerlos a salvo 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

      • I have been at home since March because of this virus my job has been short down and since then it has not been easy I really need help from you thanks

    • Gracias por ser tan responsables, no saben lo importante que es saber esto

    • Thank you !

    • Thank so much for caring about our health! I appreciate it :)

      • Thank you so much liveglam the best shopping I made thank for take all the sanitize and I love my new colección July is so pretty

    • Thank you for taking all these precautions. I love live glam and wouldn't want my subscription to be affected but i do understand that customers health comes first and if it had to be postponed for a while it wouldn't bother me a bit. Thank you Laura and Dahr for always keeping clear communication with your customers.

    • I love live glam despite the awesome products it also has the best staff and their priority not only is to get us our lippies and other beauty products, but our health! Thank you LiveGlam 😫❤️

    • Thank you for this update. Yours is the first company who have sent me anything of this sort and it is greatly appreciated, as are your efforts to carry on fulfilling the excellent service you consistently deliver! Well done LiveGlam!

      • Thank you Liveglam 💕 & all your responsible team 💕for taking the precautions to stay safe and keep us safe.... You guys are doing an awsome job, our products are sooo Worth the wait! ❤️ Keep it up!!!! #Liveglamers

    • Thank you for taking precautions during this time, it is much appreciated!😊

    • Thank so much for caring about our health, I truly appreciate it ❤😘

    • Muchas gracias por la información y por dejarme saber los cuidados q tienen. Es muy importante.

    • Thank you so much for keeping us updated!

    • Thank You for this informative information.

    • Thank you for the information 😘

    • Thanks So Much LIVEGlam For Keeping Us Glammers Updated😍😍 We Really Appreciate ALL The Hard Working Y'all Are Doing To Keep Us Happy, Healthy, & Safe💖💖💖 Sending Lot's Of Love & Positive Vibes From Louisville,Kentucky !! #AlwaysForeverAGlamFam💋💋💋

    • You guys are the best Love your products We appreciate you working hard do we are able to receive our lippies ❤

    • Thank you 💓

    • Love it thank you all so much!!🤩🙌🏼

    • I just want to say thank you for thing about us wish all the companies do the same Glamfamily

    • Thank you for going an extra step to keep everyone safe , be safe . 😊

    • Gracias por ser responsables con sus clientes. Son la mejor compañia de productos que he tenido.

    • I think that your response/action you are taking on your own IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND ITS A SHAME OTHER ENTITIES DONT FOLLOW WHAT YOUR DOING! I have so much respect for your Company that i didnt have before. You keep doing this and continue to NOT test on animals and you will have me as a life long customer. That might not be much but for me it means everything. Im sure there are other customers out there that feel the same way. Thankyou, Trudi C

    • Thank you for your safety

    • Thank you for reassuring us that you are taking extra steps to protect your clients

    • Thanks for the info and reassurance. Y’all are the best!

    • Gracias

      • Thank you for reassuring us that you are taking extra steps to protect your clients

    • Thank you soo much for the update this means a lot.

    • Thank you

    • Thank you for taking all these precautions. I love live glam and wouldn't want my subscription to be affected.Thank you for this update and for caring <3

    • thank u ❤️

    • Thank you so much for making an effort to keep not only us but your employees safe, it's really appreciated! 💕❤️

    • I'd rather all the staff stay safe and well, my parcel can wait till this is all over x take care everyone

    • Thank you for the update 🙂 it's really appreciated!

    • Thank you for this update and Thank so much for caring about our health! I appreciate it :)Take care ,Stay safe and healthy .. Best wishes and prayers for all 😘

    • I received my email today regarding delays. Thank you for keeping me updated on shipping as well as making sure everyone is taking safety precautions.

    • Thank you for your message in updating the delay in the orders we understand it’s a difficult time for everyone stay safe. ❤️

    • Thank you so much for caring for our health! Better safe than sorry. Patience is a virtue I will patiently wait for my lippies no rush. Thank you for taking all the precautions

    • thank you for all you do to keep your self safe and your employees and us!

    • Thank u for taking this seriously, taking care of your employees & our safety too. ♥

    • Stay safe and glamorous we all know all the precautions that’s need to be taken. God bless and prayers for everyone. I’m in El Paso, TX and taking all precautions possible.

    • I understand this today but please everyone make sure be safe too and use mask and gloves... Big please be Careful and take care yourself too 😉, thankful

      • Be safe and be precautions always wear a mask if your out or working. If not please stayed home and that your saving lives.😉🤗

    • Thanks yuo so much

    • Thank you for letting us know about delay shipping and how you keep your employees and Live glam familia safe!! Love live glam ❤️

    • Thank so much for caring about our health.!!! I appreciate it ❤️

    • Thanks for this update, take take care for your your health, God is ranking care, blessimg

    • thanks iam waiting my lippies i cant wait to using them

    • Thank you so much for keeping us updated ❤️ Just wanted to let u know here where I live due to the Corona virus our locker room for out packages is being closed. The mailman needs to put them in our mailbox or take our packages to our door. Locker room will be clothes till further notice I don't know if you have to let them know or who does. Thank u again for keeping us updated through this time. Stay safe all of you and God Bless You 🙏❣️❣️❣️

    • I love

    • Thank you to everyone who is being cautious at these times!

    • Who ever it concerns in LiveGlam Thanks for the update about what's going on because of the Coronavirus!! Am I I getting a goodie for being a first timer with LiveGlam & an other goodie for waiting for my order? I places last month? Have a wonderful rest of you day stay safe! Sincerely Nancy Avila

    • Thank you for this update I appreciate 👍🏼

    • It’s ok we all totally understand the situation but I’m so excited that ima be getting my liveglam lippies lipstick 💄 soon can’t wait so excited 😆

    • Thank you for the update! ♥️ I was beginning to worry as to why I had to tracking available if I ordered mine on the 30

    • Yes we need to protect ourselves form this virus for washing our hand before we touch our face or nose ...Prevent is better than cure

    • Thanks for caring for our heath ♥️ I’m a first time Subscriber so I’m excited to receive my lippes ❤️

    • Thanks the update cants wait to receive my order

    • I understand

    • Hey loves, I know you guys are super busy. I haven’t received my order of lippies for this month just trying to get an update on this order.

    • Thank you for the update patiently waiting on mine lippes and brushes

    • Just wanted to let you guys know that’s y’all are amazing during this hard times! Thank you giving us a little bit of happiness. I talk very highly about this products because they are truly good and amazing. Also be safe and truly thank you!

    • Thanks so very much its an honor ti hsve been a Liveglam customer all these years!-- prayers and positive thoughts for those affected by this horrible situation!--- loving and dedicated employees doing best possible on the jobs we thank for that as do the family's your contributions are helping making a big difference!!-- God bless you all and stay safe;) thank you

    • Thank you for the update and worrying about the safety of everyone. Patiently waiting for my lippies! ❤️

    • Thank you for this update.

    • Thank You for the update and keeping everyone safe

    • Thank u for letting me know I will wait patiently for my order to be shipped and I know all this covid going on the packages take a little longer.

    • Gracias por cuidarnos eh por cuidarse primero Dios todo esto pasará que Dios los bendiga 🙏🏼❤️

    • Es muy bueno lo que hacen para la prevención del corona virus

    • I love the lippies please send us some reds and wines ❤

    • Thanks for your hard work very appreciate it 🙏

    • Thank you for taking extra precautions to make sure we are protected

    • May the almighty God be with you all and bless this company in Jesus Christ name Amen thanks

    • Thank you for the update

    • I’m so happy to see this response from your company

    • Amazing job

    • Thank you for your care and love and thank you for update for us.. Godbless and please take care our self.

    • Thank you so much for your concern

    • I am waiting for my lappi 💕

    • Good job

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