You're A Gem

October 2021 Collection

You're A Gem

October 2021 Collection


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You’re A Gem

Hey Glammers! It’s time to uplift your mind, body, and beauty routine with our NEW Eyeshadow Palette: You’re a Gem. With 5 mattes, 4 shimmers, and 1 pressed glitter, each shade holds its own unique purpose in bringing you good energy and positive vibrations.

Sapphire: Shimmer Sapphire Blue to lighten your mood.
Aquamarine: Shimmer Aquamarine for emotional clarity.
Opal: Pressed Glitter Opal Silver for creativity.
Ametrine: Matte Ametrine Purple for balance and connection.
Amber: Matte Amber Orange for good luck.
Amethyst: Shimmer Amethyst Purple to enhance intuition.
Kyanite: Shimmer Kyanite Blue to feel harmonized.
Ruby: Matte Vibrant Ruby Pink for love and passion.
Jade: Matte Jade Green to attract friendship and wealth.
Topaz: Matte Topaz Orange for a recharge.


Weight: 12.6g  |  Color: Sapphire (Sapphire Blue), Aquamarine (Aquamarine), Opal (Opal Silver), Ametrine (Ametrine Purple), Amber (Amber Orange), Amethyst (Amethyst Purple), Kyanite (Kyanite Blue), Ruby (Ruby Pink), Jade (Jade Green), Topaz (Topaz Orange)  |  Finish: Sapphire (Shimmer), Aquamarine (Shimmer), Opal (Pressed Glitter), Ametrine (Matte), Amber (Matte), Amethyst (Shimmer), Kyanite (Shimmer), Ruby (Matte), Jade (Matte), Topaz (Matte)

You're a gem and you know it!

Spread positivity and boost your mood with these shades!

This palette is also

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Vegan
  • Made in USA