June 2021 Collection


June 2021 Collection

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Hey Sugar, Sugar! Why throw shade when you could throw shimmer? It’s time to adjust your crown – Our NEW Boujee Eyeshadow Palette is made exclusively for queens with 5 Flossy shimmers, 4 Posh mattes and 1 pressed glitter (She’s Expensive 💸).

In a world full of rhinestones, you are a Diamond, darling. Take time to stop and smell the Rosé and embrace the endless possibilities of this versatile, Designer Drip palette.

Every Hu$tla needs the perfect game-changing shades in their collection. Dreaming to make reservations on a Private Island? Hop into the Jet Setting life and let your makeup game take off with this first-class palette


Weight: 12.6g  |  Color: Sugar, Sugar (Lavender Pink), Flossy (Sugar Brown), Posh (Ash Stone Brown), She's Expensive (Sandy Beige),Diamond (Olive Green), Rosé (Orchid Purple), Designer Drip (Lilac Purple), Hu$tla (Plum Red), Private Island (Marmalade Orange), Jet Setting (Blush Red)  |  Finish: Sugar, Sugar (Shimmery), Flossy (Shimmery), Posh (Matte), She's Expensive (Shimmery),Diamond (Shimmery), Rosé (Shimmery), Designer Drip (Shimmery), Hu$tla (Matte), Private Island (Matte), Jet Setting (Matte)

Live that Boujee lifestyle!

Get hold of this palette that's made for a queen like you!

This palette is also

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Vegan
  • Made in USA


4980 Reviews