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    The Art of Ombre Nails – Top Designs from Around the Web

    Posted by Preeti Sareen on Feb 10, 2017

    ombre nails LiveGlam

    Ombre is one of our absolute favorite beauty trends. For the past few years, this trend has been influencing celebrity hairstyles and making an appearance on runways, and now it’s been showing up in nail salons all across the world. It’s a subtle trend with a diverse range of options – going from dark to light, opaque to translucent, and one color to the next. To inspire your foray into this awesome trend, we put together a list of some of the most beautiful ombre nails designs we could find!


    via @clarahnails
    via @clarahnails

    1. Unicorn Nails

    If you’re a fan of rainbow everything like we are, you are going to love these unicorn ombre nails. When it comes to nail art, you simply can’t go wrong with a few splashes of gorgeous, vibrant color. This design by @Clarahnails shows off the lighter sides of the rainbow, and we recommend giving a try with your favorite shades of your most loved colors.


    via @Sinney
    via @Sinney

    2. Mauve-Gold Party Nails

    Mauves, purples, violets, oh my! For nail art that will be sure to stun at your next big party, try out these mauve-gold nails by @Sinney. These ombre nails start with a darker toned color at the tip and lighten up to a crystal clear hue towards the base of the nail. Top it all off with a few specks of sparkly gold, and voila!


    via @nailsbycambria
    via @nailsbycambria

    3. Ocean Blue Nails

    If you’re a water sign or just a lover of all things blue, these ocean inspired ombre nails will be perfect for you. The base goes from a dark black to a sultry navy, all the way up to a sky blue. We think blue is one of the best colors you could use in nail art because it is naturally calming and promotes peace.


    Photo source unknown.
    Photo source unknown.

    4. Tomb Raider Nails

    This is one of the best nail designs we could fine, and we are so in love. We nicknamed this nail art look the “Tomb Raider” design, because well, can’t you picture Lara Croft, A.K.A. Angelina Jolie, rocking this badass trend? This design incorporates the best of the deepest, darkest colors, and the glossy overcoat only adds to its seductive beauty.


    via @solinsnaglar
    via @solinsnaglar

    5. Gliteratti Nails

    Who doesn’t love glitter, am I right? If you aren’t a major fan of using vibrant colors via nail art and would prefer a design that is a bit more versatile (and let’s be real, one that will match with all of your outfits), this champagne-glitter design is for you. Featuring a mostly glossy white base topped with an ombre layer of champagne color and silver sparkle, this look is a fabulous upgrade to the classic French nails.


    via @jillybean_89
    via @jillybean_89

    6. Galaxy Nails

    The galaxy is so beautiful, and there are few things more relaxing than a light up night sky. To remind of you this natural beauty, try your hand at these galaxy ombre nails. This is another one of the best nail designs we could find, and it might actually be our favorite! From the rich purple base to the salmon pink sky and the subtle star-inspired glitter, there is nothing about this nail art we don’t love!


    via @nina_d.83
    via @nina_d.83

    7. Vibrant Sunset Nails

    Okay, so maybe we’re partial to bold, beautiful colors! These sunset-inspired ombre nails are to die for. If you’re more about making a nail art statement and are a fan of loud colors over more muted designs, this design by @NINA_D.83 is one you have to check out. We love the romantic feel of all the colors mixed with the powerful look of the vibrant hues.



    Ombre Nails – Ready To Try Your Own Nail Art?

    If you give any of these gorgeous ombre nails a try for yourself, share them with us on Instagram by using our hashtag, #LiveGlam! Or, feel free to drop us a line with your favorite trends in the comments down below. If you’re ready to have some fun with nail art but aren’t sure about your current collection of polishes, check out our latest monthly subscription, PolishMe! This new addition to the LiveGlam family is a nail polish subscription. You’ll get you 3 totally fab gel-like polishes delivered straight to your door each month. Be sure to click on over to the page to learn more, and of course, happy manicuring!

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    Preeti Sareen

    Preeti Sareen is a freelance writer and blogger who identifies as a twenty-something girl trying to find herself one piece at a time. She is a lover of beauty, wellness, and all things fitness and loves sharing those passions in her articles on LiveGlam.

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