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Eyeliner Techniques: 10 Top Ways To Make You A Morning MakeUp Pro

Posted by Preeti Sareen on Oct 03, 2016

Eyeliner Techniques – Okay, we’ve all been there. Your alarm goes off, you press snooze a few times, and before you know it you are on a timed manhunt for your keys, your pants, and your dignity. While digging through the pile of mess on the floor to claim your belongings and head out the door in time can be a struggle, what’s worse is finding time to apply that perfect model-esque eyeliner makeup. Sure, anyone can take a pencil and draw a line above their eyes, but only the pros know the makeup techniques to get a killer cat eye in half the time. Below are the ten best eyeliner techniques we could find to help make your Monday morning dash feel a little more like a runway strut.


Play With Color

Every woman knows the magical feeling of confidence that comes with a quick line of black or brown eyeliner. But did you know that color will help brighten your mood and stand out from the crowd? If you’re pressed for time but need to make an eye statement, play around with colored liner. Bronze, gold, silver, navy blue and dark green are best for subtle yet visible power.


Use Your Resources

Have a business card or spoon lying around? Use it to create the perfect cat eye! Angle the business card toward the outer edge of your eye and trace the line it creates to emulate a wing. Use the spoon to add more of a curved shape to the outer edge, or place it over your eyelid and trace underneath for a sexy, curvy top line.


Bare Your Bottom

If getting two identical lines on each eye is a struggle, skip the eyeliner on your bottom lash line! Going bare with your water line can help make the top line much more visible, and will definitely save you a step! For an extra pop of pretty, add a taupe or light pink colored shadow to the top eyelid for that perfect working girl aura.


Be Bold, Not Dramatic

Thick lines, thin lines, curvy lines, and straight lines – oy vey! With so many options for eyeliner techniques and colors, it’s easy to get caught up in achieving an intensely dramatic eye every time. If you want to conquer your mornings, don’t be dramatic – be bold! A simple medium-thick line will give you the bold and beautiful look you’ve been searching for, without looking like round two of last night’s smoky eye.


Know Your Tools

There are countless makeup brushes and brush techniques out there, but all the pros know that you really only need 3 – smudge brush, angled liner brush, shadow brush. The smudge brush will make a masterpiece out of any messy line, the angled liner brush will do the work for you, and the shadow brush will help you add the perfect finishing touches. Adding these three makeup brushes to your beauty arsenal will make mornings go much more smoothly!


Conceal, Don’t Reveal

Blurred your eyeliner already or need to make the line look like the application of a pro makeup artist? Use a dab of concealer around the liner to fix any quick errors and create an instantly more professional eye.


Clean Up Your Mess

If even the most opaque concealer won’t cover up your mess, here’s a pro tip that will definitely save you time – use petroleum jelly or clear lip gloss to get rid of any liner imperfections!


Build A Lasting Relationship

For eyeliner that will last all day – even through your most boring meetings – set your lines with a bit of translucent powder. If you plan on transitioning from day to night, try a setting spray to ensure your line stays on through all of the awkward dancing.


Change The Shape

Here’s a tip that the truest pros know – changing eyeliner shape can change the feel of your makeup. It won’t add any more time to your already rushed schedule, but it will surely give you the edge (or curve!) you’ve been searching for. For a cat-eyed look, add a downward curved line in the inner droplet of your eyes and couple it with an upward curved line on the outer edges. For a more streamlined look, add two medium-thick parallel lines in the same locations. If you want a unique look, try adding an extra line, using dashes instead of straight lines, or incorporating dots!


Go Small Or Go Home

Think one big swoop of your eyeliner wand is all you need to achieve liner perfection? Think again! You are much more likely to end up with a messy, unsalvageable line if you try to apply it in one go. For better results, use smaller, quicker strokes and connect the lines for super fast, refined liner.

Arm Yourself With These Eyeliner Techniques

Next time you’re pressed for time or in a hurry, feel confident knowing that you are in with the pros and now have a slew of makeup techniques at your fingertips! Whether you need to achieve Gigi Hadid level eye fashion in a few minutes, or you just need some helpful tools to make your mornings flow easier – we’ve got you covered! Comment below and let us know which eyeliner tips you’ll be using from now on!


Preeti Sareen

Preeti Sareen

Preeti Sareen is a freelance writer and blogger who identifies as a twenty-something girl trying to find herself one piece at a time. She is a lover of beauty, wellness, and all things fitness and loves sharing those passions in her articles on LiveGlam.

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