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    Makeup Brush Set Uses: Know How to Use You Beauty Brushes

    Posted by LiveGlam on Dec 26, 2016

    Makeup Brush Set Uses: Know How to Use You Beauty Brushes

    If you’re just getting into makeup or you’re a pro it’s always good to purchase a brush set and start building your tools from there. There are tons of brush sets out there, but most sets will always start off with basic brushes. Here are a list of makeup brush set uses to get the most from your brush set!.



    Concealer Brush

    This is such a great brush for applying concealer under your eyes. For the ultimate coverage start by applying the product from the inner corner of the eye (where you have the most darkness) and work your way out. You can also use a concealer brush for covering any spots or cleaning up your eyebrows.



    Foundation Brush

    It’s always best to use a foundation brush for liquid or cream foundations. This is the only way you will get full, even and flawless coverage. Apply a little bit of foundation on the back of your hand and use the brush to apply it on your face. Always start where you need the most coverage.


    Powder Brush

    This brush is one of our favorites, because powder brushes tend to be super soft and super fluffy. Who doesn’t love to feel that on their face? Powder brushes are made to grab just enough powder to lightly dust on the face. Whether you use a compact or loose powder, dip your brush into the powder and tap off the excess powder. This will give you a nice and sheer application and you won’t look cakey.


    Blush Brush

    Blush brushes are made to deposit color just on the the apples of your cheeks. The best way to use this makeup brush is to stipple the color on your cheeks and bring it up towards your cheek bone for a nice lift.


    Eyebrow Brush

    A good eyebrow brush is one that is angled and stiff. Stroke the brush in your powder and test it on the back of your hand. You want to make sure you don’t have too much product on the brush. After you have a good amount, start by lightly stroking your eyebrows. Hint: it’s always good to start where your eyebrows are sparse.


    Eye Shadow Brush

    There are two ways to use an eyeshadow brush. You can use the flat side of it to apply color on the lip, or you can use the tip of it if you want to add more color into your crease. Whichever way you use it, your application will be on point!



    Blending Brush

    One of the best brushes ever! This brush blends your eyeshadow, so there’s a beautiful transition between colors you’ve applied on your lid and crease. Use the top of the brush to blend and remove excess shadow. This is great for a smokey eye.


    makeup-brush-set-uses_08Eyeliner Brush

    An eyeliner brush can be used damp with eyeshadow or it can be used for applying gel liner. The best way to use this brush is to slightly angle it to the side to achieve a clean, fine line.


    Makeup Brush Set Uses

    Yes, that’s a lot of makeup brush set uses. If you haven’t heard about our brush club yet, then you’re missing out. LiveGlam sends you 3-7 brushes every month for only $19.99/month. The best part? You never get the same brush twice and you build your own set! From basic brushes to contour brushes, you will receive them all! To learn more about Morphe brushes check out our blog and tell us what you think below or hit us up on Instagram or Twitter!

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