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Which Makeup Brushes Should I Buy to Start My Beauty Career?


Which Makeup Brushes Should I Buy to Start My Beauty Career?

Posted by LiveGlam on Dec 14, 2016

If you’re going to become a makeup artist, you need to have the right tools. Every artist should invest in really good brushes to provide the best makeup application for their client. If you need to know which makeup brushes you need, here’s what you should start your career in the beauty world with.


Concealer Brush

There is no better way to apply under eye concealer. Most concealer brushes have a tapered head and the bristles are firm and flexible. This makes it easy to get into the inner corner of the eyes and to cover any blemishes, scars or spots. A concealer brush also comes in handy for cleaning up eyebrows, especially around the arch.



Foundation Brush

This makeup brush will be the MVP of your makeup kit. We’re gonna be pretty honest, there are tons of foundation brushes out there. If you’re just getting started, choose a basic foundation brush with a narrow head. You can never go wrong, but this brush should only be used for liquid and cream foundations to give the best, streak-free coverage.



Powder Brush

A powder brush is always a good makeup brush to have. It’s the only brush that will work with a setting powder. A good powder brush is large, fluffy and dense.



Blush Brush

An angled blush brush is ideal, especially if you’re beginner. The soft angled bristles won’t grab too much color and will avoid blotchiness. It will also help apply the blush right where you need it–on the cheekbone with a soft, tapered blend!



Eyebrow Brush

Whether you’re using a pencil or powder to fill in eyebrows, it’s always good to have an eyebrow brush to line and blend. Try to get one that has a fine tip that is slightly angled to create  beautifully shaped brows. If you’re a powder girl, grab a textured natural hair brush! For you brow gel babes, synthetic is the way to go.



Eye Shadow Brush

A flat, soft and a bit stiff is what you should look for. An eyeshadow brush will pack the color on the lid and blend the color nicely, so there are no harsh lines.


Fluffy Eye Shadow Brush

This makeup brush is very similar to the basic eye shadow brush we recommended, but this one is angled or has a dome shape and fluffy bristles. This dense brush is perfect for applying color in the crease!



Eyeliner Brush

Most makeup artists use gel liner more than any other type of eyeliner, so an eyeliner brush is incredibly essential. Since you’re a newbie an angled brush will help create a straight, precise and fine line that’s tight to the lash line. This brush is also fantastic for creating a flawless winged liner.



Lip Brush

You might skip using a lip brush on yourself, but a lip brush should be in your kit for your clients. You will get a clean and even application when you use a lip brush. Using a lip brush will actually keep the lip color stay on longer, because the brush presses the color on to the lips. When rocking the dark fall/winter lip colors, you may want this brush for the extra precision!



That’s a Wrap!

These are which makeup brushes you need to start your beauty career! We know brushes can get really expensive and that’s why LiveGlam created #MorpheMe brush club! We send you 3-7 Morphe brushes a month for only $19.99/month, plus free shipping! How amazing is that? You save a lot and you will never get the same brushes! To learn more about Morphe brushes, checkout our Brush Breakdown blogs.




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