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The Best Ways to Make Manicure Last Longer

Posted by LiveGlam on Mar 08, 2017

Every girl loves a good manicure, but hates the chipping, cracking and peeling. Let’s be real, nail polish is not meant to last forever, but there are some pretty nifty tricks to make manicure last longer and here they are.


No Soaking Allowed

This is one of the first things your manicurist will have you do to soften cuticle, but soaking your nails causes them to retain water and expand. Once you do paint them, your nails will shrink and the polish will no longer fit your nails. Avoid soaking them and just skip to the cuticle oil instead to make manicure last longer.


via Tweezerman

Push it, Push it

Push your cuticles back gently. This step is pretty important to make manicure last longer. By doing this, you will avoid getting nail polish on your cuticles that cause your nail polish to lift and peel-off.



Buff Away!

Buffing your nails will get rid of little ridges on the surface. Some of us have deeper ridges, which causes nail polish to crack. To make manicure last longer, you should buff your nails until they are smooth. For the best results, buff in one direction.


It Takes Two

Use a sticky basecoat and apply two coats, but focus on the tip. Because nail tips are more prone to chipping from typing and texting, applying a basecoat will make manicure last longer.


Tip, Top

Applying a thin layer of topcoat daily will make manicure last longer or even your nail art. A topcoat will also strengthen and protect your nails. O.P.I. makes great topcoats that are worth checking out.


Make Manicure Last

There are plenty of tricks to make manicure last longer, there is also our Laura G, “Polish Me” nail lacquers that have great staying power! Join today and get 3 gel-like nail polishes to your door every month for only $19.99/month, plus free shipping (U.S. only).

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