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Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a unique, exclusive nail polish collection each month. Each collection has 3 polishes in it. You will always get at least 3 polishes. If you sign up with an affiliate code, you will receive a free polish with your first package! You will never receive the same polish or collection twice.

We debut a new collection on the 23rd of each month. If you sign up between March 23rd and April 22nd, you will get our Tea Time collection. If you sign up after April 22nd, you will get the next collection. Each month is a surprise, so stay tuned to our social pages and website for teasers and announcements!

Polishes usually ship same day or within 2 business days of your payment. So if you sign up on the 5th, your polishes should ship by the 7th. If you sign up on the 15th, your polishes should ship by the 17th. We ship every day except Sunday and holidays.

Shipping is always free within the United States. Unfortunately due to hazardous materials laws, we are unable to offer international shipping.

We do not offer exchanges or refunds unless there is a damaged product. You have 60 days from the time of shipment to report damaged products. If there is a damaged product, please email us a picture under 1MB in size to

Don’t sweat, you have options! Monthly members can trade or skip a month/collection they don’t want. 6-month and annual members can trade out too. You can always cancel, too- but you will lose your rewards points if you do!

Yes! We put out a monthly video with each collection, featuring a fun look that you can use for mani inspo! Find it on your monthly polish page!

With our rewards program, you will earn enough points over the duration of your subscription to redeem a free beauty product of your choosing!

When you sign up for PolishMe, you earn reward points that can be used to redeem free polish, makeup and other products. You can choose products from Kylie Cosmetics, ABH, Laura G Polish, Morphe, Impressions Vanity, Tarte, NYX, Benefit Cosmetics + more!

You earn reward points just by staying an active PolishMe member. Each month you get your polishes, you earn 100 reward points. You can also earn additional reward points by referring your friends to the club using the unique referral link you�ll get when you join.

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