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*Free shipping in the U.S

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*Free shipping in the U.S


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*Free shipping in the U.S

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Frequently Asked Questions

PolishMe is your mani/pedi’s new best friend! For $19.99 a month, you get 3 exclusive nail polishes delivered right to your door. Each collection is personally designed and no month will be the same. The polishes are quick-drying and work perfectly on natural or acrylic nails. Your mani/pedi thanks you in advance!

Each month, you will receive an exclusive collection of our gel-like nail polishes. Every monthly package contains three unique colors and you will never get the same color or trio collection twice!

We debut a new polish collection on the 23rd of each month. So, if you sign up on July 23rd, you will receive the August collection. If you sign up between August 23rd and September 22nd, you will receive the September collection.

No worries, we’ve got you covered!  You can trade your polishes for other awesome items.  Or, you can skip a month/payment entirely (you’ll hang on to your reward points you’ve been banking you just won’t collect new ones that month).  By skipping your membership will automatically continue the next month.  The last option would be to cancel. You do lose all your reward points if you cancel so make sure to cash them in before deciding to do so!

You will get polishes each month with your membership, but you also score 100 reward points each  month you’re an active member. You can use those points to redeem makeup, polishes and other awesome prizes!

Shipping is free within the US. We ship to anywhere in the world for our brush and lipstick clubs, but unfortunately, due to hazardous materials laws, we are unable to offer international shipping for nail polishes.

Polish collections usually ship the same day you sign up or within 2 business days of your payment.  So, if you sign up on the 5th of the month, your polishes should ship by the 7th. If you sign up on the 15th of the month, your polishes should ship by the 17th. We ship every single day except Sundays and holidays. You will receive a shipping notification once the order is shipped!

You can redeem points in return for a free beauty product valued at $25+ when you reach 600 total points. You can redeem points in return for a free beauty product valued at $50+ when you reach 1,200 total points.  If you have a 6 month membership, you are guaranteed to earn 600 points, and if you have an annual membership, you are guaranteed to earn 1,200 points. Check out the “Rewards” page for available prizes and more info!

When you sign up for PolishMe, you earn reward points that can be used to redeem free polish, makeup and other products. You can choose products from Kylie Cosmetics, ABH, Laura G Polish, Morphe, Impressions Vanity, Tarte, NYX, Benefit Cosmetics + more!

You earn rewards points simply by remaining an active PolishMe member. Each month you’re a member, you earn 100 points. You can also earn additional rewards points by referring your friends to the club using the unique referral link you’ll get when you join. And be sure to check out our new Give a Polish, Get a Polish program! If you refer a friend, you each get a polish of your choosing! You can see more details and the awesome rewards prizes by logging in on your account and visit the Rewards page (available to active members only).

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