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    Halloween Eyeliner Looks for that Spooky Slay!

    Posted by LiveGlam on Oct 08, 2017

    Halloween Eyeliner Looks for that Spooky Slay!

    Halloween is coming and it’s time to get spooky!

    I’ve got some hauntingly cool eyeliner looks for you ghouls and glammers to try. If you’re feelin’ witchy or having a proceed with caution vibe, these liner styles will leave you screaming for more.

    1. “Hands-Off” Spiky Liner

    When ya boo is getting on your nerves and you wanna let him know you’re feelin’ a little edgy, this spiky liner will really paint the picture for you!

    Carving Tools:
    Black eyeliner
    MorpheMe M250-2 Tapered liner brush (July)

    Use a liquid or a creamy gel liner that’s thinner than your classic gel pot to get sharp spikes.

    Start by lining your top lid with a thin, black line- if you want to wing your spikes, go ahead and do that now! Then It’s time to get pointy- just use your LiveGlam MorpheMe M250-2 brush to draw out little spikes! This tapered liner brush’s detailed point will get the sharp lines you need!

    2. Spicy Orange and Black

    I used a little sugar, spice, and everything nice in this look! Embody the essence of Halloween (or a pumpkin spiced latte!) with this fun black & orange liner.

    Halloween Eyeliner Looks LiveGlam

    Trick or Treat, here’s what you need:
    Black eyeliner
    Orange eyeshadow
    MorpheMe M207 Angled liner brush (July)
    MorpheMe PK45 Angled Brow brush (Oct)

    Jessica Seifert @daaaytripper LiveGlam

    Start with a fierce wing on your upper lid using your LiveGlam MorpheMe M207 brush. This synthetic, angled brush will work well with any gel or liquid liners. Go long or go home, and make it sharp enough to slay! Then grab a bright orange (shimmery or matte) shadow and follow your wing on your under eye! The LiveGlam MorpheMe PK24 brush is perfect to wing out your shadow on your lower lash.

    To add some extra spunk, mix your orange shadow with a mixing medium (like Inglot duraline) and trace your top wings.

    3. When the Wing’s too Sharp

    We all want those wings that cut like a knife! Well, be careful what you ask for with this graphic liner!

    Halloween Eyeliner Looks LiveGlam

    Scalpel and other Tools:
    Black eyeliner
    KissMe lippie Poison Apple (Oct)
    MorpheMe M250-2 Tapered liner brush (July)
    (optional) White liquid liner, Red Eyeshadow

    Jessica Seifert @daaaytripper LiveGlam

    First you gotta wing out he sharpest eye you’ve ever seen! So sharp you wanna keep your distance. Clean the edges of your wing with concealer to get them extra pointy. Then grab your LiveGlam KissMe Poison Apple lippie and your LiveGlam MorpheMe M250-2 brush. Coat the bristles of your brush by painting on your red lippie. Using smooth, fluid movements, draw out some droplets at the tip of your wings (dripping down!). To add a little dimension, you can pop a drop of white on the roundest part of your drops. Find your vampy soulmate this Halloween!

    Add a matte red shadow to your lower lash line and inner corner for a lil’ extra punch.

    4. Witchy Wingin’

    Cast a spell on anyone who catches a glimpse of this Halloween-style graphic liner! Turn up your creative vibe and get artsy with this one.

    Halloween Eyeliner Looks LiveGlam

    Perfect Potion Ingredients:
    Black eyeliner
    Yellow eyeshadow
    MorpheMe M250-2 Tapered liner brush (July)
    MorpheMe PK36 Angle Brow Brush (Oct)

    You need a liquid, or a creamy gel liner that’s on the thinner side for these details.

    Halloween Eyeliner Looks Jessica Seifert @daaaytripper LiveGlam

    Channel your witchy vibes with a yellow “full moon” crease! Use your LiveGlam MorpheMe PK36 brush to apply a bright yellow, round crease color. Then wing your eyes as normal and be sure to drag your wing out extra long (this is your canvas!). Grab your LiveGlam MorpheMe M250-2 liner brush to get the really fine details. Then draw out a witch riding your wings on one eye, and a black cat walking the line on your other!

    Use small amounts of product and re-dip your brush frequently! You can see how I did it here:

    You can add any simple spooky silhouette to your wings in this look.

    Take our potion and you’ll be haunting all Halloween with these liner styles. Tell us your favorite and show us your renditions using #LiveGlam on instagram- or tweet us your looks! Have a Glammy Halloween, stay spooky.


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    Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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