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Easy Makeup Looks You Can Wear Every Day

Posted by LiveGlam on Sep 13, 2022

Let’s be honest: you have fabulous places to go and amazing people to see…and you want to look GOOD! Sure, you’re a baddie and living your best life, but you also want to look the part. No matter what your schedule looks like–school, work, date nights–we’ve got the makeup routines that will have you looking and feeling your best!

First, let’s start off with some simple steps and products we will use in each routine, then check out the special products that really make each look POP 💥

Basic Steps:

Let Them Know Who’s Boss Makeup:

You spend a good chunk of your time at work. Between project due dates and breakroom chatter, you want your makeup to be long-lasting and give off Boss Babe vibes!

(Continuing from steps above:)

  • Step 6: Eyeshadow – we love our Boujee eyeshadow palette for this look 💓. Definitely use some of the suggested shades below!
    • Blend the shade Posh into your crease.
    • Pop Hu$tla on the outer corner and on your lower lash line.
    • Pat Jet Setting onto the lid of your eye.
    • Finish with a touch of Sugar, Sugar on your inner corner. 
  • Step 7: Lip color – our Ambitious Lippie gives off I mean business feels, for sure!  
  • Step 8: Lashes – these Boss Babe lashes are the perfect finishing touch to this look. 

Whimsical & Eager-To-Learn Makeup:

Sitting hours in a classroom just sounds boring…spice things up with the right makeup and you’ll see how fun learning can be!

(Continuing from steps above:)

  • Step 6: Eyeshadow – coupled with the eyeliner below, our Magical Dust eyeshadow palette is what makes this look so whimsical. We’ve dropped some of our favorite shades below to get you started!
    • Start with Sparkle all over your lid up to your brow bone.
    • Blend out Unicorn Kisses on the outer corner, into your crease and on your lower lash line.
    • Finish with Fanta-Sea on your inner corner and outer lash line.
  • Step 7: Eyeliner – our Glammed eyeliner is so glimmery, you’ll be glowing in class 😉  
  • Step 8: Lip color – could you think of a better name for such a magical lippie? Our Unicorn Wishes gloss will have you daydreaming in class 💭
  • Step 9: Lashes – easily conquer homework and group projects without batting a lash, with our So Ka-ute faux mink lashes!  

Flirty & Romantic Date Night Makeup:

The best part about date night is, after working so hard throughout the week, you can get a little flirty and romantic…or A LOT. Take the mystery out of getting dolled up for date night with our cheatsheet below.

(Continuing from steps above:)

  • Step 6: Eyeshadow – our He loves me, He loves me not eyeshadow palette is perfect for this look. Don’t worry…he loves you 😉. Check out the recommended shades below!
    • Pat Ya Dig? all over your lid up to your brow bone.
    • Swipe Glow+Grow onto your lid.
    • Blend out Rootin’ For You in your crease.
    • Place My Boo-quet on top of your crease and blend out.
    • Pop Pick Me on the outer corner and on your lower lash line.
    • Pat Golden Hour onto your inner corner.
  • Step 7: Lip color – let your lips do the talking with our Let’s Make Out matte lippie – he’ll get the hint. 
  • Step 8: Lashes – nothing screams I love you more, than our 143 faux mink lashes



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