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How To Fake Your Own Nail Art Pen – DIY Tutorial

Posted by Preeti Sareen on Dec 02, 2016

We love nail art. It’s the perfect way to show off your totally unique, creative flair in an amazingly beautiful manicure. The best part is, most nail art is incredibly easy to do at home – no salon needed! We’ve already shown you how you can create your own magazine nail art at home, but what about making your own nail art pen? Did you know that those are crazy easy to DIY too? Here’s a quick blog tutorial to show you how it’s done!



1. Small Dotting Tool

This tool is perfect for well, dots! Use it with nail polish or other lacquers to add cute, unique accents to your nail art. You can also use it to create thin, precise lines! And, there’s nothing to make – all you need to “DIY” this tool at home is a toothpick or a sharp pencil. That’s it! Simply use in place of the standard, store bought dotting tool, and done!



2. Big Dotting Tool

The small dotting tool will be perfect for creating tiny little dots and accents, but to cover a larger surface area, you will need a specific big dotting tool. Making this tool at home is also ridiculously simple – all you need is a sewing pin (with a rounded ended) inserted into the eraser end of a pencil. The rounded end of the sewing pin will create bigger dots, while the pencil make keep you from pricking yourself with the needle end of the pin!



3. A Striping Brush

The striping brush is perfect for stripes, lines, and curved edges. To make your own, take a thin, stiff paint brush from your local art store and cut down until you only have a few bristles left. Or, start with a super thin lip brush (like one from your #MorpheMe brush kit!), and do the same thing to cut down the bristles until they are small and thin enough for precise lines on your nails!


e.l.f. angled eyeliner brush
e.l.f. angled eyeliner brush

4. A Detailing Brush

This brush is great for everything the other brushes can’t do! It is not quite as stiff as the striping brush, which means it’s ideal for creating curved lines and circular shapes. Similar to the small dotting tool, you don’t have to do anything to make this nail art pen at home – just find an old, thin eyeliner brush! Voila! Instant detail to your DIY nail art.


nail art pen

Show Us Your Nail Art Pen In Action!

Give this easy, homemade nail art pen a try! Or show off your creative nail art looks on Instagram using our hashtag, #LiveGlam! You can’t have nail art without the polish, so while you make your own nail art pen, check out our amazing Laura G nail polishes and grab some gorgeous colors to start getting your mani on!


Preeti Sareen

Preeti Sareen

Preeti Sareen is a freelance writer and blogger who identifies as a twenty-something girl trying to find herself one piece at a time. She is a lover of beauty, wellness, and all things fitness and loves sharing those passions in her articles on LiveGlam.

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