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What Color Eyeshadow Goes With Red or Pink Lips


What Color Eyeshadow Goes With Red or Pink Lips

Posted by LiveGlam on Dec 30, 2021

There are many red and pink lipsticks in my collection for two main reasons: they look fabulous and they make me feel amazing. A rich red makes me feel powerful and dramatic while cheerful pink makes me feel feminine and modern.

The pressing question is…what color eyeshadow goes with red or pink lips? The answers are manyfold, as at the end of the day it does come down to personal preference. However, some tried and true combos never fail…

YOUR neutral (taupe, tan, brown, chocolate, black)

Best for: pairing very bright, opaque, and attention-stealing reds and pinks

Product idea: the Birthday Suit palette has a neutral shadow for most skin tones, with some sparkly little extras.

If your red or pink lipstick is a real statement maker and takes focus, the best approach is to go for a more downplayed eye. I like to think of it as adding dimension and structure as opposed to adding color for color’s sake.

To add dimension, the best colors are your nudes. For example, very pale skin with cool undertones would choose a neutral taupe-brown, while warm tanned skin could choose a mid-toned bronze shade. Very deep and cool skin could choose a cool, deep coffee shadow while deep warm skin could choose warm chocolate or the deepest copper.

Tip: lay down a skin-matching cream shadow or primer over the entire lid. Take a large, fluffy crease brush and simply buff your neutral shadow into the crease and along the lower lash line. Add mascara and leave it at that!

Red or Pink


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Best for: softer lipstick textures such as lip stains and diffused mattes. Also great with more sheer products such as glosses and balms.

Product ideas: the Whimsical Garden palette has some incredibly flattering and easy-to-use pink and red shadows.

A monochromatic red or pink look is fresh, modern, pretty, and actually very flattering when properly blended. If there is a lot of redness in your skin I would steer clear of red eyeshadows as they can give you the “hayfever” look. However, peachy pink shadows or even a hot fuschia can be a little more wearable. Those with dark skin tones or warm tans are lucky as they can go a little brighter and bolder with red and pink pigments.

Tip: cancel out any redness or uneven skin tone with a concealer to create a cohesive base for pink and red products. Use a fluffy blender brush to create a soft and diffused eye look for a romantic aesthetic. For this, matte pigments are ideal, with a little pearl or gold shimmer added to the inner corner and tops of the cheeks. If you have a pinky-peach or red-based blush, buff it into the cheeks, temples, and into the crease of the eye for a monochromatic draped look. If in doubt or in a pinch? Use a dab of your lip color onto the cheeks and eyelids for warmth and cohesion.

Copper and Bronze

Best for: any pink lipsticks, glosses, or stains.

Product idea: the Birthday Suit palette comes to the rescue once again! Neutral mattes and shimmery golds and bronzes perfectly pair with pink kissers.

This is more for the pink lipstick wearers out there as copper and bronze shades are magical partners for rosy lips. This combo is fresh, modern, and pretty on all skin tones. Because bronze and copper are earthy shades, they make a statement without pulling focus or causing an unfortunate clash.

Tip: take bright, metallic shimmery copper or bronze shadow and use a liner brush and some mixing medium to create a line along the upper lashes. Pop a hit of gold shimmer in the inner corner and add plenty of mascara.

You could also buff a warm brown shadow into the crease and buff it into the lower lashline, focusing on a diffused and hazy finish. Use your finger to press copper shimmer onto the mobile lid for a glint of eye-catching metal.

Black and White


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Best for: any red or pink lip color, especially for a striking formal look or when you feel like sporting fresh, clean lines.

Product idea: the Les do Makeup x LiveGlam palette contains a velvety matte black shadow and a sumptuous pearl shimmer!

And finally…black and white!

Picture a matte or satin white shadow buffed over the lid with a little taupe in the crease for structure. The white adds a fresh, clean wash of snowy hue and makes the eye pop against any skin tone. Take a black gel or liquid liner and draw along the upper lash line from inner corner to outer corner, slightly winging at the outer.




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