Weather Proof Hairstyles

Posted by LiveGlam on Mar 18, 2018

Weather Proof Hairstyles

Braids, buns, and bonnets- oh my! With the weather changing from snow to rain, windy, dry, and wet basically any given day of the week, you need a hairstyle that can take a beating. We’ve got our 5 favorite styles for some weatherproof hair this spring! And no- we’re not gonna tell you to throw on a hat.

Crown Braid

You are a queen, rain or shine. Which is probably why this sexy wrapped braid is so perfect for poor weather. The style can be cute if it’s a bit messy, which is an extra perk! It’s pretty easy to pull off, too. If you speak fluent french braiding, then you can french braid all the way around, starting at neck or the forehead. Or if you’re more of a 3-minutes-or-less kinda person, then just braid 2 pigtails and pin them both up in the front of your head! Boom.

Low Pony

If you’re hair is not layered like an onion, then you can make a low pony work for you! Just gather your hair rather tightly at the base of your neck and… well… you’re done! If you’ve got too many layers it’ll result in hairs falling out left and right- which is definitely not gonna weather any rainy conditions. Sorry!

Tight Bun

You don’t have to be uptight to rock this ballerina-esque style, you just need to gel it out! Sleek your hair back with a bristly-brush to get is super smooth, and tie it up tightly! This is a great way to mask hair that’s ready to be washed, too, cause who’s gonna know when it’s all gel’d back?!


If you wanna look like a bad b…eautiful woman with your weatherproof hair, then try some cornrows! You can do 4-5 chunky ones, or a head full of small cornrows (if you have a day to kill and want someone pulling at your hair for 6+hours…) and they’ll even last you some days!

Messy Waves

If all else fails, embrace it! Rock out with your messy-waves. Don’t let any humidity, rain, lightning, tornadoes, monsoons, alien abductions or any other inclimate conditions tell you how to wear your hair! Throw a little wave in it and let’s say it was “meant to be messy”… we won’t tell!

Don’t let the rain stop you from shining this spring! You can weatherproof your hair with a few fun hairstyles, and if all else fails, just throw on a hat. 🤷‍ Tell us some of your favorite Spring styles to weather the conditions in the comments!

Stay Glam!

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