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Tips For Applying Mascara


Tips For Applying Mascara

Posted by LiveGlam on Nov 11, 2022

If there’s one beauty product I have not lived without since I was thirteen, it’s mascara. It’s like water to me, no, it’s like oxygen! 

You see, I’m one of those people who looks sick, exhausted, or post-crying if I’m not wearing something on my lashes. So I was extra excited when LiveGlam announced the new Pretty Feathered mascara! Gimme gimme gimme.

If mascara is reasonably new to you or you’re in need of some tips to maximize the product,  I’ve got ya. Here are my top tips for applying mascara.

Practice the wiggle 

You want to aim to get the whole lash covered, from root to tip. The way to do this is by tilting your head backward and placing the mascara wand at the base of your lashes. Now wiggle the wand side to side as you take it up toward the tips. This wiggle motion will transfer the product into the lashes and thicken the roots. 

Try curling

If you have relatively straight lashes, using an eyelash curler can make a world of difference. It perks the lashes up, making them appear longer, and makes your eyes look wider and more awake. 

Try powder 

This trick is an old one, but I swear it works. After you apply your first coat of mascara, use a small brush to dust a little translucent powder onto the lashes. Now add a second coat (don’t worry if they look ashy before the second coat!). This will make them thicker, longer, and fluffier. 

Give the tips some love 

Once you have done the wiggle technique and have a couple of coats under your belt, go back in and add a little extra love to the tips. This will ensure luscious length. 

Start with the bottom lashes 

If you’re applying mascara to the bottom lashes, start with them first. This ensures you don’t transfer wet mascara onto your eyelids from the top lashes when you do the bottom lashes. 

Tame oily lids

Mascara transferring onto your lids to create a smudgy mess is a real pain in the A. This can happen especially if you have oily lids as the oil can break down the mascara on contact. Use a longwear cream shadow topped with a little powder on the lids to ensure any oil is dealt with.




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