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The First Cannabis Infused Product EVER Sold at Sephora!

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The First Cannabis Infused Product EVER Sold at Sephora!

Posted by LiveGlam on Apr 20, 2018

If you’re looking for the perfect pair to your smokey eye, look right here!

Milk Makeup just dropped a cannabis oil infused mascara on 4/20, and it’s lit ya’ll! Let me just welcome you to 2018 where you have robots vacuuming your floor, cars that drive themselves, and cannabis infused beauty products sold at Sephora! Not only does this mascara puff up the volume of your lashes, it’s actually good for them too. If you’re interested in learning about CBD benefits and this revolutionary new product, then spark up and read on!

Milk Makeup is a company that believes in the highest quality, top-shelf ingredients! You can even get some meteorites for your face with their highlighting powders. This brand lets you wear a little space on your face and takes your eyes to new highs. Their vegan, cruelty-free products will have you living your look! Their latest product that launched today (420!) is the Kush Mascara that is infused with CBD potent cannabis oil! This is the first product EVER to be sold on Sephora, an international ecommerce makeup site, that is infused with a cannabis byproduct, which is revolutionary for the beauty and cannabis industries!  

What is CBD?

The only thing high after using this mascara will be the lift in your lashes! Cannabidiol (CBD for short!) is non-psychoactive, like neosporin or coconut oil, it won’t give you a buzz. You can use CBD internally or topically (please don’t eat mascara) and see amazing health benefits from this little plant of joy! Using this oil topically is super dope and healthy for your skin. It’s an antioxidant which protects you against UV rays and environmental hazards– goodbye wrinkles! It’s also super conditioning and heals skin ailments– goodbye acne, eczema, and dermatologist! Treat yo skin and give it that good- a little kush never hurt.

But Does it Work?

The greatest thing about this brand, their products work. This mascara seriously adds volume and length to your lashes! It doesn’t flake or clump, and it’s pretty waterproof. You won’t have any streaky racoon eyes after wearing it. As someone who loves innovation and things that make my skin happy, I’m super pleased that this mascara also performs! You can get it from the plug (Sephora!) for $24. One hit for high volume- you won’t see me passin’ on this one, tho!

What do you beauty babes think about CBD infused products? Tell me if you’ve tried any in the comments!

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Jessica Seifert is a makeup enthusiast with winged liner sharp enough to slay her enemies. She spends her free time turning people into beautiful monsters & zombies. Learning about new makeup techniques and skincare is her passion!

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