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    St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Looks You’ll Love

    Posted by LiveGlam on Mar 16, 2021

    St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Looks You’ll Love

    Saint Patrick’s Day is near! The best day to come together and celebrate one of the coolest little nations on the globe. 

    We’re all makeup fanatics here, so we take any opportunity to get fully glammed…in theme. While Saint Patrick’s Day is rightly associated with green, green, green, there are endless other options. 

    Here are our favorite St. Patrick’s Day makeup looks you’ll love in 2021 and beyond. 

    Glittery emerald-green shadow


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    A post shared by BEAUTY IS BORING (@beautyisboring)

    OKAY, okay, we’re starting with green…GLITTERY green. This look is inspired by the sparkliest emerald (it’s all about the Emerald Isle, afterall), and is perfect for all-night Patty’s parties or dinners by candlelight.


    • Keep the base clean and fresh, with a little matte blush and minimal contour. Let the glittery eyes take the lead when it comes to color and texture!
    • The Scorpio palette is ideal for this look! Pack Wild over the entire lid (with a shadow base underneath) with a short, stubby brush
    • Use your finger to tap Secretive over the top of your matte green shadow until you are happy with the result
    • Use a Q-tip soaked in makeup remover to clean the edges or remove any fall-out
    • If you want a more diffused look, take a teeny bit of bronzer or taupe shadow on a fluffy brush and buff over the edges
    • To avoid the “Poison Ivy” look, a neutral nude gloss or satin lipstick is a great match 

    Smokey chocolate eyes and glossy lips


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    A post shared by LILY CHEE 🐆 (@lilychee)

    Let’s call this the “Guinness” look, as it’s inspired by that rich, inky beer we either love or hate. This is a sultry look that packs a punch but doesn’t scream “theme!”. Perfect for all skin tones, too.


    • Because there’s so much buffing involved, I like to do my eyes first, then my base to save time on clean-up
    • The Birthday Suit palette was made for this look
    • I use a combo of Nude and Strip Tease over the whole lid and just above the crease, buffing over and over until the edges are even and diffused
    • Buff the same shades into the lower lash line 
    • If you want a little extra pop, tap Turned On into the inner third of the lid
    • Press a chocolate brown liner into the upper and lower lash lines and smudge with a stubby brush
    • Add mascara, brow gel (or pencil), and you’re done
    • Apply your usual base, with a warm terracotta or taupe blush and contour
    • Apply a nude or pinky gloss 

    Sharp black wings and green liquid lips 

    green makeup looks for st patricks day

    Ready for more green? This time, we’re showcasing the lips. Think outside the box and be bold this St. Patty’s Day with a deep green kisser.


    • Apply your go-to base and aim for a clean-yet-flawless finish with a little dimension to the skin by way of bronzer and non-glittery highlight
    • To avoid looking a little ghostly, skip the cool-toned contour and opt for a little peach or pink on the cheeks to give life to the skin
    • Lay down a skin-matching eyeshadow base, cream shadow, or powder shadow onto the lid to create a smooth and clean canvas
    • Take your black liquid or pencil liner and draw along the upper lash line, winging out at the sides 
    • If you like a smudgier wing, use a stubby pencil to smudge your pencil liner, otherwise use a q-tip to sharpen and tidy the edges of the wing
    • Add plenty of mascara
    • The Liprechaun lippie was made for this look! If you’re confident, apply straight from the applicator to the lips. Or, use a lip pencil brush to outline the shape of the lips first, then fill them in 

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