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Pro Makeup Supplies For Budding (& Seasoned) Makeup Artists

Posted by Preeti Sareen on Oct 31, 2016

Whether you are a budding or a seasoned makeup artist, you are probably wondering what pro makeup supplies you need to keep well-stocked in your makeup kits. Makeup brushes and top quality makeup seem like the obvious answers, but there might be a few other obscure items you’ve never thought about before. Below are some of the general categories we think you should focus on when it comes time to build or revamp your makeup kits.



A Bag To Carry Your Pro Makeup Supplies

The first thing you’ll need to add in your pro makeup supplies is a carrying bag or case that can handle the weight of all of your different makeup kits. We suggest using a rolling bag, just to make things easier, and using separate compartments within the bag to house all of your makeup. A lot of pro makeup artists prefer the Zucca case, but others that don’t like the look of a bag on wheels might try a simple train case for smaller projects, like any of the Caboodles cases.



Skincare & Prep Kits

Having a few skincare and skin prep products among your pro makeup supplies is crucial to the success of any job. If you’ll be working on a variety of different skin types and tones, try incorporating different products in your makeup kits that’ll work with the multiple clients you’ll be beautifying. Some great things to have in your skin prep kit are: rosebud salve or similar lip balm, cold cream, hydrating gel or serum for dry skin types, vaseline and/or petroleum jelly, Cortizone 10 for irritated skin, and maybe even tea tree and lavender oils for those clients who prefer more natural skin ingredients!



Foundations, Powders, and Cream Products

Of course, you can’t build proper makeup kits without foundations, powders, and cream products. We recommend including liquid, powder, and cream foundations because you never know what you look you might need to create on the fly. Sometimes a specific type of foundation just won’t do the job. Having variety will put you (and your clients) at ease, and will make your life as a makeup artist just a little less frantic. Make sure you also stock a good variety of shades in your foundations! If you want a super simple solution to lessen the bulk of your makeup case, try using a foundation palette like Bobbi Brown’s, or Make Up Forever’s. Having a few different foundation palettes can really help ease your stress on any job!



Blush and Bronzers

As with foundation, make sure you keep a variety of different blush and bronzer shades in your makeup kits. This will help you create looks based on different skin tones, and will also make it easier to create different types of looks (i.e. simple and classic or dramatic and bold). There are plenty of brush and bronzer palettes out there, or if you are a fan of specific brands and products, that’s just fine! Just be sure to include powder blushes/bronzers, stains, and creams as well.



Eye and Lip Palettes

The eyes and lips are the two points of the face that are noticed most. You know this as a budding makeup artist, and that’s why having amazing, colorful, and top quality makeup when it comes to eye and lip products is vital for your collection of pro makeup supplies. Just like all of the above makeup mentioned, there are so many eye and lip palettes out there if you like having a lot of options. When it comes to eyes and lips though, we suggest keeping a bunch of different liners (in gel, cream, and pencil form) handy, and making sure you have lipstick, lipgloss, lip stains, etc. There is nothing worse than showing up to a job and having not enough products for your clients to choose from. Variety is key, especially when it comes to eyes and lips!



Makeup Brushes and Disposable Tools

Where would a makeup artist be without makeup brushes? Having a ton (and we mean a ton) of makeup brushes around is an absolute necessity when it comes to building your kit of pro makeup supplies. Along with regular makeup brushes, don’t forget your brush cleaners! Having clean makeup brushes in your kit is incredibly important, and cleaning them regularly is imperative to keeping things sanitary. For cleaning tips, check out our 4 super simple ways to clean your makeup brushes. Along with stocking (and cleaning) regular makeup brushes, you should also fill your kit with plenty of disposables (sponges, cotton balls, cotton pads, disposable mascara wands, lip brushes, etc.). Some clients can be extra picky (understandably!) when it comes to sanitary makeup application, and you want to be prepared!




For extraneous pro makeup supplies, you can’t go wrong with a basic first aid kit. Include band aids, gauze, cotton swabs, Neosporin, and anything else that might come in handy incase there are any nicks or cuts that you need to cover up on you or your client. Be sure to also include makeup remover of different types (wipes and liquid), rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, Visine, a handheld mirror, tweezers, lash curler, mini scissors and any other random things you might be able to use on the fly.



When It Comes To Pro Makeup Kits, Preparation Is Key

For a pro makeup kit that will not let you down, stock products that will help you be prepared for any situation. Whether working on a job for a movie set or a photoshoot, you truly never know what kind of look you might need to create, or what kind of situation you might need to deal with. Covering all of your bases and including products from the major categories above will help you lay the right foundation for the best pro makeup kit ever.


Preeti Sareen

Preeti Sareen

Preeti Sareen is a freelance writer and blogger who identifies as a twenty-something girl trying to find herself one piece at a time. She is a lover of beauty, wellness, and all things fitness and loves sharing those passions in her articles on LiveGlam.

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