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Is the New Makeup Revolution Concealer Really Worth the Hype?


Is the New Makeup Revolution Concealer Really Worth the Hype?

Posted by Jess Hall on Mar 01, 2018

Coined as *THE* dupe for Tarte’s much-hyped Shape Tape, Makeup Revolution’s new $7 Conceal and Define Concealer has gone viral, and has just about everyone in the makeup-sphere buzzing with excitement. So, does it live up to the hype? Keep scrolling for the pros, cons and everything in between…

The shade range

Let’s start with a major pro, shall we? Aside from the price tag, obvs. Not only does the range already offer a whopping 18 shades, but Makeup Revolution have also promised more future shades. Ranging from extremely fair to dark deep, we also love that the shade range offers cool, neutral and warm undertones. The drugstore tends to perform poorly in the shade range department, so it’s nice to see an affordable brand catering to a wide range of different skin tones, ethnicities and undertones.

So, how does it apply, perform and last?

The large, squishy doe-foot applicator makes it very quick and easy to apply, and the formula itself blends nicely with fingers, a sponge and brushes. The other good news is that while the formula is fairly lightweight, the coverage is full. It doesn’t, however, deliver on Makeup Revolution’s promises of being a concealer that ‘won’t settle in or accentuate fine lines’. I found that it settled in to fine lines I had never even seen before around my eyes, and it made my under-eye area look quite crepe-y. For evening my skin tone out on my chin and cheeks and for covering blemishes, it worked brilliantly and didn’t look dry at all, so I’ve decided that my slightly drier under-eye area probably just doesn’t pair well with a concealer that sets to a matte finish as this one does. I also found that in terms of longevity, it lasted for a good 10 hours before fading on my dry skin.

It’s not as affordable as you first thought

You are only getting 3.4ml of product in this little tube; that, paired with the large amount of product that you end up picking up on the large doe-foot applicator results in the concealer running out far more quickly than you expect. If compared with Tarte’s Shape Tape, ST offers 10ml of product for $27, and MR’s dupe offers 3.4ml for $7, meaning that, ml for ml, Shape Tape is $2.70 per ml and MR’s concealer is $2.05 per ml. Doesn’t sound all that much of a great deal now, does it?

There’s no denying that this a good concealer. It is very comparable to Shape Tape, and although it’s coined as a dupe for it, I don’t think the price to product ratio makes it such an amazing dupe. I’ll keep searching!


Jess Hall

Jess Hall

Jess Hall is a British beauty lover, who can often be found perusing makeup aisles in the search for the perfect peachy pink hues, or perfecting her latest makeup flat lay. When she’s not trialling the latest skincare releases, she enjoys sharing her latest findings, the newest beauty trends and knowledge with you!

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