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    Meet the LiveGlam Owners!

    Posted by LiveGlam on Apr 11, 2019

    LiveGlam Owner Laura G and Dhar Mann

    LiveGlam Owners Dhar Mann and Laura G!

    LiveGlam owner Dhar Mann and Laura G

    Want to learn more about the power couple and Commanders in Glam behind our beauty brand? Good news, our LiveGlam owners Dhar Mann and Laura G have started a YouTube channel and just dropped a new vlog opening up about their story for the very first time! In the adorable video, Dhar and Laura talk about how they met, how they chose the name LiveGlam, and how they were able to build a glam-azing brand with their incredible team.

    Dhar and Laura always joke around about how they “got married the day they met”, and this vlog gives allll the deets! You’ll never believe how a chance encounter turned into a massive idea. For even more insiders, read about how the LiveGlam owners are able to build a business as a couple, aka be a “couple-prenuer” in this blog article on Dhar Mann’s website!

    Check out their vlog here:

    We hope you love the story as much as they loved telling it. Have questions for Dhar Mann or Laura G? Leave them in the comments below!

    Stay glam!

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    • From my first package from liveGlam I was so happy the bag the lippes came in was cute and not cheap so that made me happy . I tried the lippes on and OMG. Is all I can say the the texture the formula the way they made my lips feel it was awesome ..the colors are Mind Blowing got me out of my comfort zone for sure... So thanks to LiveGlam. I wear lippes ....... Your Stuck With Me For Life LiveGlam❤💯❤💯 I'm ONE OF YOUR TOP FANS ON FACEBOOK Michael Elisa Samora you guys...... From Denver Colo

    • You guys have an amazing story....I wish I knew your story when I went to Bianca live glam class.I saw you guys there but I didnt know who u both were...I had fun on my mini vacation to L.A. The class was awesome...Hopefully next time I can say hello to u both.I love my lippies so much.I cant wait to get this month 🎂 edition.Ive never had so many lippies in my life until love earning reward points to get free products also.Thank you for all that u guys do.I seriously have a collection

    • Omg live glam am so happy with your guys prouducts i am inlove with all of them great job .

    • What a good-looking couple you are. I am so happy the eye shadow club is back, and I love when my deliveries come . You perk me up.

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