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Maybelline Fit Me Dewy and Smooth Foundation Review

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Maybelline Fit Me Dewy and Smooth Foundation Review

Posted by Gin Mabey on Feb 17, 2020

If you’re on the hunt for a drugstore foundation… look no further! With so many new products constantly rolling out, let’s not forget about the oldies. Here’s a thorough review on the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, Dewy & Smooth!

Maybelline Fit Me Dewy and Smooth Review

I picked up the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, Dewy & Smooth ($7.99) at the supermarket as I needed something cheap to use for a show. Maybelline rarely disappoints me, so I felt safe with the choice. Did it turn out well? Let’s see…

My complexion and skin type: I have fair skin with a generous dose of golden-brown freckles that bring my overall depth up a few notches. My skin is combo, with a few teeny dry patches and a tendency for an oilier nose.

Price: in the USA, this baby goes for $7.99, pretty darn reasonable if you ask me. (In New Zealand it costs an extortionate $25 but that’s standard here…infuriating as it is).

Packaging: it comes in a really sleek, expensive-feeling glass bottle with a black screw- top cap. However, it doesn’t come with a pump so you have to awkwardly dribble a bit out onto the back of your hand, or shake the bottle onto your finger for a smaller amount. This doesn’t bother me too much, but I can understand that mess-phobes may find it unappealing.

Coverage: this is a sheer-medium foundation, absolutely not full coverage in any way. This is excellent for me, as a thick foundation just covers my freckles and makes me look flat as a pancake! It evens out the skin tone and adds just enough coverage to look polished.

Use a concealer to spot-conceal trouble areas and you’ll be flawless. The coverage and finish are similar to the Mac Face and Body Foundation (my top favorite), but a little less glowy and an oilier consistency as opposed to watery and gel-like.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review

Finish: the finish is definitely glowy, but I wouldn’t call it dewy. Shade: there are 24 shades, not bad, but not phenomenal.

I chose Classic Ivory 120 as it was the most realistic shade in stock at the time. This could have been risky as it’s number 6 on the depth scale with 5 paler options before it.

When I first dabbed it on my skin I thought oh god, it’s too dark and too orange…here we go. It does have a very warm, yellow undertone which worked for me in the end as it matches the undertone of my freckles.

As I blended it in, it sheered out to a rather flattering, slightly golden tone that wasn’t too dark after all. In fact, a lighter tone may have pulled too rosy or chalky on me. The catch is that my neck is SO much paler than my face and chest, so I have to make sure to blend it thoroughly down the neck.

Performance: I applied this foundation over a simple moisturizer, with no primer or pore-filling products underneath. I use my fingers for foundations like these, as I find the warmth and control allows me to really blend it into every little crevice and pore (and it’s fast…and I’m lazy).

Without powder, this foundation sits beautifully on the skin without picking up dryness or become patchy whatsoever.

I layered Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer (under the eyes) and LA Girl Pro Concealer (around the nose and on blemishes) over the top with great success.

I dusted the entire face with Laura Mercier Translucent Powder with super-smooth results, no pilling or bunching in sight. A decent spritz with Urban Decay All Nighter and I’m done.

I wore this combo during an outdoor acting performance (in Summer!) and it held up excellently. At the end of the night, my skin looked pleasantly fresh. This is most likely the work of the setting spray, but the foundation undoubtedly held its own!

Best Drugstore Foundation

Downsides? Something many other users have noted is that this foundation contains fragrance, unfortunately. I am reasonably sensitive to smells and I wasn’t knocked back by any overwhelming fragrance, but it has a whiff of something. I have slightly sensitive skin and I haven’t experienced any reactions, but very sensitive girls and guys should be wary.

Note to Maybelline: we don’t need fragrance on our faces, we promise!

Final verdict: Overall, I really like this foundation and I give it a solid 4.2 out of 5. It elevates my skin with a little healthy glow, it blends beautifully and wears well under all my go-to products. The coverage is perfect for me, but full-coverage glamsters may find it a little lacking.


Gin Mabey

Gin Mabey

Gin is a beauty enthusiast with a passion for makeup she's had since kindergarten when she would raid her Mum's makeup drawer. When she's not playing with new products and writing about makeup, she's a theatre actress, director and producer.

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