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Lucky Power Ball


Lucky Power Ball

Posted by LiveGlam on Mar 17, 2023

Get ready to win the lottery with the LiveGlam Lucky Power Ball promo! This month we’re offering our Glammers a deal that can’t be beat…starting Thursday, March 30th, Shop LiveGlam Lucky Balls For 24 hours only. Priced at just $5, each ball is chosen randomly for each customer and contains a mystery LiveGlam product name inside. The possibilities are limitless…purchase a maximum of 10 balls for a chance to score some brand new lashes, lippies, liners, palettes and more!

How Does it Work?

For 24 hours, members and non-members can shop up to 10 Lucky Balls from our Shop. Priced at just $5, each ball is selected randomly and product combinations will vary from customer to customer. No matter how many Lucky Balls you purchase, every package will assure a fresh step in your makeup routine and will add a touch of glam to your vanity!

What kind of products will you receive?

All Lucky Balls may include these products:

  • Matte Lippies
  • Faux Mink Lashes
  • Lip Glosses
  • Lip Scrubs
  • Palettes
  • Lip Liners
  • Lip Crayons
  • Glitter Eyeliners
  • Lip Balms
  • Face Brushes
  • Eye Brushes
  • Bullet Lipsticks
  • Lip Oils
  • Kiss Me Bye Bye Remover

When is it available?

Get ready to mark your calendars! This month, the Lucky Power Ball will be available on Thursday, March 30th starting at 1:00 PM PT. Make sure you don’t miss it, you only have 24 hours to get lucky!

Get Lucky By Joining Our Instagram Live

Wondering where and how this all goes down? Catch us LIVE on Instagram on March 30th between the following time frame:

1:30 PM PT – 3:30 PM PT

Watch our creative director, Laura Avila, personally select your Lucky Ball(s) and give yourself a shoutout in the comments for a chance to be chosen!

Lucky Glammers who tune in LIVE will get the opportunity to score BONUS balls in their order! BONUS balls are double the fun and contain 2 LiveGlam product names inside!

*There will be a limited quantity of bonus balls in the bin we are drawing from. For a greater chance of winning a bonus ball, make sure to purchase your ball(s) ASAP!

To make the occasion even more surprising, we will be doing giveaways to a select number of participants throughout the LIVE timeframe…don’t miss it!

For even more Lucky Power Ball updates and juicy deets, follow us on Instagram @liveglam.

What we promise

As part of the promo mechanics, each Lucky Power Ball Package is random and will be different for every customer. It’s a luck game because we can’t guarantee the products that will be in your package, or if they’re your preferred goodies. Please be aware, the plastic balls will not be included in your package (you can find all the deets in our Terms and Conditions).

Ready to hit the lotto? See you babes on the 30th!




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