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Last chance to fall in love with our February 2019 LiveGlam KissMe lippies!

Posted by Lanie Edwards on Feb 15, 2019

Last Call February LiveGlam KissMe collection

UPDATE: You can now get this collection in our online shop! Purchase this collection or the individual lippies HERE!

Last chance to fall in love with our February 2019 LiveGlam KissMe lippies!

Valentine’s Day may be over… but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find love! You have 1 week left to get your hands on our LiveGlam KissMe “Cuter than Cupid” collection, aka your new soulmates in limited-edition matte pink casing.

If you’re ready to sit pretty in pink, start by checking out our lip swatches of this cupid-approved collection!

The Shades:

In our February 2019 KissMe collection, you’ll get 2 mattes and a unique satin-metallic shade that’ll make your heart melt. If you want a pink with a twist, “Cupid” created this satin-metallic bubblegum pink shade himself! This lippie has such a gorgeous finish and will be your official babe magnet. If you like to go bold, you’ll love our “Mi Amor” lippie berry much. This shade is the best for date night or a girl’s night out, and is a certified head-turner! For the perfect everyday pink, “Kissaholic” is your girl! This shade looks stunning on every skin tone and effortlessly goes with any look.

You can also ombré all of these lippies together for a perfect, juicy pout!

LiveGlam February 2019 KissMe shades

If you’re ready to wife these lippies, head here to put a ring on it. You only have until Feb. 22nd at 11:59 pm PST to order them, so be sure to sweep them off their feet before Cupid sends them to someone else! 

LiveGlam KissMe February Shades

If you’re not a member of our LiveGlam Lippie Club, you’re missing out on a chance at true love! As a member, you’ll get 3 new lippies delivered straight to your door for just $19.99 a month (free shipping in the US). You’ll be hooked on our cruelty-free, flexible, long-lasting, and delicious smelling formula! You also get some awesome perks like the ability to trade lippies, skip Collections, and cancel anytime.

Sign up for KissMe by the 22nd to get these February shades!

Join KissMe!

Stay glam!


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