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Kylie vs. LiveGlam KissMe Dupes

Posted by Lanie Edwards on Oct 23, 2017

Kylie KissMe

Can’t fit Kylie Lip Kits in your beauty budget this month? Is your favorite shade sold out? No problem! Today we’re providing you with the perfect dupes from our LiveGlam Lippie Club, KissMe, for some of Kylie’s most popular shades!

With KissMe, you get 3 new lippies delivered straight to your door for $19.99 a month. So, instead of just 1 liquid lippie, you get 3 gorgeous shades for the price of one. Tempting, right?

Let’s start with our most recent collection. If you didn’t get the chance to check it out, we just launched our new LiveGlam KissMe shades for November! This month we’ve given you some beautiful colors to look your very best for Fall, and also great dupes for the following Kylie Lip Kit colors:

1. Bubble vs. Soulmate 

Both Bubble and our KissMe Lippie shade in Soulmate are unique colors to try this Fall. This light, pinky lavender shade is great for switching up your typical makeup look. Both are matte liquid lipsticks that will pop on any skintone. If you’re already a member of KissMe, you’ll be receiving Soulmate in your next batch of lippies! If you’re new, make sure to sign up for our Lippie Club before Nov. 23rd to get this gorgeous shade!

The Bubble Lip Kit is $29, while you can get our KissMe Lippie in Soulmate plus the 2 other lippies featured in November’s collection for $19.99.

2. Khlo$ vs. Bae 

If you’re looking for a nude lip with a twist to rock this Fall, check out our LiveGlam KissMe lippie in Bae. This is the perfect dupe for Kylie’s “Khlo$” liquid lipstick. Both are peachy nude shades that compliment any skin tone and are perfect for any Fall occasion! With our kiss-proof formula, your Bae will love it just as much as you do.

Khlo$ is $17, while you can get our KissMe Lippie in Bae plus the 2 other lippies featured in November’s collection for $19.99.

3. Okurrr vs. Girlfriend 

Feeling bold? For a close dupe of Kylie’s matte lippie in the shade “Okurrr,” try our KissMe lippie in Girlfriend! This vibrant fuchsia will take any look to the next level. With this powerful pop of color, you’ll be ready to take on any Fall adventure in style.

Okurrr $17, while you can get our KissMe Lippie in Girlfriend plus the 2 other lippies featured in November’s collection for $19.99.

We also have 2 more dupes that match up with our October KissMe collection! While this is a previous collection, you can still trade full sets or individual lippies as a LiveGlam Lippie Club member. So, if you missed this collection or aren’t feeling November’s colors, you can swap them out for these through your Dashboard!

4. Vixen vs. Vixen

It’s the battle of the Vixens. While both of these shades definitely make a statement, our KissMe shade in Vixen has more red undertones while Kylie’s is more of a blackened vampy plum. However, it’s still a very close match that we know will look gorgeous on you! Don’t be afraid to rock this dark shade and turn heads this season.

Kylie’s Lippie in Vixen is $17, while you can get our KissMe Lippie in Vixen plus the 2 other lippies featured in October’s collection for $19.99.

5. Mary Jo K vs. Poisoned Apple 

Lastly, we can’t forget about a classic red lip. Since Mary Jo K from Kylie Cosmetics is sold out, we’ve got the perfect solution. Our KissMe lippie in Poisoned Apple is a true blood red that favors everyone. This glamorous shade will instantly brighten your face, make you the center of attention, and turn any street into your personal runway.

Mary Jo K is $17, while you can get our KissMe Lippie in Poisoned Apple plus the 2 other lippies featured in October’s collection for $19.99.

Curious about the formula? Our KissMe lippies are vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. Aka, it’s free of all the bad stuff! These lippies are also transfer-proof, pigmented, and feel super flexible and lightweight on the lips. Sound too good to be true? Check out honest reviews from our #LiveGlamFam on our Facebook page!

If you’re interested in getting these lippies delivered to you every month, make sure to sign up for our LiveGlam Lippie Club here! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Stay glam!


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  • I wish I could get the ones from October is there anyway I can even though I signed up recently, I really want vixen and poisoned apple.

    • Hi Tori! Since you're a new member, you'll be able to start trading lippies next month! So you'll be able to trade December's shades for October if you wish. Just be sure to trade before you receive your monthly shipment. Stay glam! xoxo

  • Is it possible to trade two instead of just one or the whole set?

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