How to Use Hair Serum for Different Hair Types

Posted by LiveGlam on Feb 19, 2017

how to use hair serum LiveGlam

We know the benefits of applying oils to our tresses, but what about hair serums? Most are in oil form but they aren’t quite oils. Unlike raw oil, hair serums are silicone-based. They coat and protect the hair from damage (heat, color, breakage, etc.) but do not penetrate strands.

Hair serums usually add a glossy finish and provide instant results for a polished look. Serums are usually accompanied by a shampoo and conditioner set and can even be added to the conditioner for extra oomph. Almost every haircare line contains a hair serum so it’s no problem finding one suitable for your hair type! Here’s a few tips on how to use hair serum.

How to Use Hair Serum

It’s a Ten Miracle Styling Serum

Straight And Wavy

Thinner textures need not go heavy on the serum. There’s nothing worse than limp locks. Apply two to three pumps on towel dried hair starting from the tips, while hair is flipped upside down. Do not apply the hair serum to scalp, it causes build up and weighs the hair down. Just a few drops is how to use hair serum for this texture because it adds a done-up look to easy hairstyles.

Kérastase Nutritive Sérum Oléo-Relax Hair Oil

Curly to Coarse

For curly to kinky textures, using the product before applying heat will make strands stand up against breakage and give you a beautiful glossy finish. I have kinky-curly hair and I always use a serum prior to straightening my hair. Apply about two more pumps than recommended before flat ironing/hairstyling or post-shampooing. I even add a few drops to my deep conditioner occasionally when I want extra vibrancy. This is how to use hair serum for thicker textures.

Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Serum

Damaged Hair

Heat and chemical damage are no joke. While hair serums won’t reverse what’s already done, they aid in helping protect your strands with the silicone barrier throughout your healthy hair journey. Apply about 4-5 pumps liberally throughout towel dried hair.


No matter what the hair type, it’s important to know how to use hair serum. Hair serum isn’t ideal for greasy hair. Hair serums protect the hair against pollutants and UV rays, so applying to unwashed hair doesn’t allow the serum to nourish the hair. And never rough towel dry your hair prior to application – gently scrunch the hair with a soft cotton shirt or microfiber towel!


What are your favorite hair serums to use on your hair type? Tell us in the comments or tweet us, and always follow LiveGlam to stay up-to-date on the latest in haircare.


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  • Hi I have a cloud 9 hair straightener so does it matter whether I buy hair serum from the cloud 9 company or a different brand of hair serum from a drug store.

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