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No Makeup Look

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How to Master the “No Makeup” Makeup Look

Posted by Joyce Lee on Mar 28, 2019

How to Master the “No Makeup” Makeup Look

SO here’s the real question: How do you master the “no makeup” makeup look? Let’s face it – looking like an effortless beauty actually requires a bit of effort most of the time. And the “natural” look definitely means something different to everyone. For instance, some call it a day after a swipe of mascara and a bit of lip balm… while others just mean they’re doing a less dramatic cat-eye than usual.

Whichever end of the spectrum you fall on, the key to mastering the “natural” makeup look is just to cut out all the extra stuff so you have more time to focus on the basics!

Not sure where to get started? Here’s a list of everything you need to do the ultimate “no makeup” makeup look!

1. Face Serum

Truth is, going the extra mile with your skincare routine will always pay off! By showing your skin some love, you won’t need to apply as much makeup for a naturally radiant glow! It’s also the best way to prep your skin for a flawless makeup application. 

Aside from moisturizing your face, invest in a good serum! Now, this product is a bit of a splurge, but it can improve the condition of your skin immensely. Caudalie Radiance Serum ($89) is a highly concentrated serum that boosts radiance and helps to even out your skin tone.

2. BB Cream

After applying face primer, swap the liquid foundation out for a lightweight and hydrating BB cream. Instead of covering up your skin, BB cream blurs imperfections and evens out your skin tone!

Next, apply concealer with your fingers. The warmth from your fingers will soften the look of your concealer. Need more coverage? Use a powder foundation with medium to heavy coverage to buff out any imperfections after baking your face with a setting powder.

Best BB Creams

3. Eyebrow Gel

Perfect arches can make or break your entire look! If your eyebrows are naturally full, use an eyebrow gel to add more definition and to tame your brow hairs. If your brows are a bit sparse, use a fine brow pencil to create hair-like strokes in the empty spots and then use a brow gel to complete the look.

Don’t forget to apply a coat of mascara to your lashes! It makes a huge difference in bringing everything together.

4. Lip Liner

Line the border of your lips with a neutral-toned lip liner, applying more pressure and coloring in the area in the center of your upper and lower lip. With your index finger, apply lip balm all over your lips while smudging it slightly beyond the outline you created with the lip pencil.

Best lip liners

What’s the one product you can’t go without when you’re going for a natural makeup look? Drop a comment down below to let us know what we should add to the list!


Joyce Lee

Joyce Lee

Joyce Lee is a freelance writer and a winged eyeliner expert. She knows a little about a lot when it comes to beauty. When she’s not writing, you can catch her at a nearby coffee shop getting her caffeine fix.

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  • I'm loving this look. 38yr old mother of 4 ER Nurse Jackie in my cities busiest ER. I need to look special glowy and refreshed.

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